#FitnessFridays: You Need a Community to Win

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When building a house, an architect knows there are key components to making sure it is suitable and well-built that will be fit to withstand and prove its value. When the contractor starts to build the house, they must start with a solid foundation.  Why do we need a foundation? A foundation proves a platform for building, houses, etc., so that brittle walls and floors do not separate. You can’t build on anything without securing a foundation. As important as a foundation is to a house, so it is for our health.

When working out, it is easy to overlook what a foundation looks like for the success of our fitness goals. We commit to the surface part of fitness and pay little attention to making a foundation that will stand the test of time. Many people miss out on important aspects of their journey because they simply aren’t educated on what constitutes the core foundation. When deciding on how to structure your fitness goals I would consider investing in a health community.

Community promotes accountability.


You are less likely to skip multiple days of training when you know a coach will be reaching out to you to check up on you, to make sure everything is okay. Most importantly your coach will be concern to know if you’re still keeping up with your training regime. In a gym or a virtual fitness community, your coaches are just, if not more serious about you transforming into the best version of yourself.

You are consistently reminded about your fitness goals when belonging to a fitness community—along with the clients who become a part of that support system you need when starting your fitness journey.  The truth is, that we can’t become the best version of ourselves on our own. We need accountability where discipline wanes from time to time. When you surround yourself in a community that complements your fitness ambitions your results are guaranteed!

Pros Of Joining a Fitness Community

  1. You are always held accountable.
  2. Group classes promote high energy which makes you more optimistic.
  3. Meeting people in a team atmosphere helps you stay motivate to workout.
  4. Group settings help motive friendly competitiveness towards ones’ goals.
  5. Group classes have a ton of variety of workouts to keep you engage.
  6. Higher flexibility of scheduling.

Join Our Community

No matter if you’re a beginner, athlete or simply want to be held accountable on your fitness journey. You don’t want to miss April 20th Fitness Master Class present by JCFitness. Doors open up at 12 noon at the Alpha Space in Brooklyn. This course offers 5 different training categories to help warm up, tone up. strengthen and recover.

Workout format:

5 training categories

• Dance Cardio
• Upper Body
• Core | Midsection
• Lower Body
• Restorative Yoga

This is a powerful collaboration with four other top tier trainers that will give you everything you need in a high intensity workout.

Andre Charles Le’Shawn Walker is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor of the  Lauhing Lotus Yoga Center and former dancer with the Alvin Ailey.

Josmery Brito, founder of, is a wellness expert and success strategist.

With over 5 years of experience as a master fitness instructor, Josie brings an intuitive approach to health to include mind body, spirit, and community.

Jahvair Mullings is a Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

Certified Kettlebell Teacher Level 1. With over 5 years of experience in strength and conditioning, weight loss, and functional training.

Kevin Hurd is a certified personal trainer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Kevin trains a wide range of clientele, from beginners to individuals with advanced fitness levels. He specializes in functional training, sports specific training, join mobility, and flexibility training

Purchase your ticket now; Fitness Master Class present by JCFitness.  

If you enjoy this article and want support on your fitness training, I want to extend my Facebook group: Fitbyjc Training. Fitbyjc Training is an education exclusive chat to help give you strategic planning to execute your fitness goals. 

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