Working Out With Your Partner

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Humans bond more during times of trauma, because fear and sexual arousal are closely linked. And nothing is scarier than going to the gym.

Can you imagine anything more traumatic than running 10 miles on a treadmill with bae and collapsing in a sweaty mess of body fluids and Gatorade? Increased bonding is just one of many reasons why you and your partner should start working out together.

Top 10 reasons why you should work out with your partner:

– You’ll both become healthier, which means you’ll live longer, which means you and your boo get to snuggle until your 100th anniversary.

– You and your bae will both become more attractive, which means not only will you have more years to sleep together, but you’ll also be more eager to. Your sex drive will skyrocket.

– Exercising gives you more energy, so you and bae will be more energized to have cute dates like cooking an 11-course meal for your 11-month anniversary, or having a twenty-four hour Girlfriends marathon.

– Exercise helps cure depression, which will put you and bae in good moods 24/7. With winter just around the corner, you can use all the help you can get against Seasonal Affective Disorder.

– Expensive gyms may give you a discount if you buy together. Certain gyms offer unlimited guest passes, so if you buy one membership, you basically get one free.

– If you’re sexually adventurous, then look for your next threesome partner on the rowing machine.

– Working out will help you and your partner lose weight, so you can eat four times as much as usual at the next Thanksgiving feast or family reunion.

– After you and bae get into amazing shape, you can start a joint #fitspiration Instagram account to show off your 6-packs.

– Exercise will increase your stamina, which means you can double or triple your lovemaking time.

– You’ll get to spend more time together. A work-out is its own date: Try a romantic hike through the Appalachians, kayak down the Juniper Run or compete against each other in a triathlon.

Top 5 workout ideas for couples:

 Tantric yoga: This sensual, naked yoga focuses on building a connection with your partner. Do it in the comfort of your own apartment or hire a guru to lead you two through the basics.

Running a marathon: Training for a marathon is a long, difficult process that can take months if not years. This is the perfect time for you and your partner to support each other while working toward a major goal.

Lifting weights: You can’t bench-press alone; you need a spotter. Who could be a better spotter than bae? Take turns pushing yourselves and building your pectoralis majors.

Hiking: Whether you love the great outdoors or whether you’d rather sit inside, you cn’t deny that watching a sunrise from a mountaintop is breathtaking. An hour-long hike is worth it for the romantic moment that you and your partner will share at dawn.

Playing a sport: You and bae can team up in a touch football league or play singles on the tennis court. You’ll have so much fun trying to win that you’ll forget your exercising. And think about the victory sex afterward…

Top 5 workout tips to keep in mind:

 – Stay hydrated throughout the day, even when you don’t feel thirsty. Being dehydrated will make you feel sluggish, irritable, and more reluctant to hit the gym. And, of course, stay extra hydrated during your actual workout. Get a matching water bottle with your partner.

– Make a playlist in advance. You and bae can create matching playlists if you like. Add your favorite songs to the playlist, but only let yourself listen to them while you’re working out! This will inspire you to hit the gym; if you don’t let yourself listen to Beyonce or J. Cole except when you’re jogging, then you’ll be running a marathon in no time.

– Stay consistent, especially during the first few weeks. The first few weeks will build your habit – if you skip a day, then you and your partner are more likely to skip more days further down the road.

– Stretch before you workout – and after! When you get back from the gym, stretch in order to build more muscle tone and increase flexibility. Then strip down and take a steamy shower with bae.

– Learn to cook healthy meals. There’s no point in exercising if you’re just going to stuff yourself full of fatty foods afterward. You and bae should look up some healthy and delicious recipes full of lean meats and vegetables.

Why are you still standing here reading this article? Grab your partner and hit the gym!

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