Why It’s Important To Use Your Voice Even If It Shakes

There comes a time in your life when you realize that speaking up for yourself and using your voice is not only empowering, but completely necessary.

A while back I had a powerful conversation (fondly referred to as “get yo’ life!) where I was told that I wasn’t valuing my value enough and had fallen into a pattern of putting myself second. Though it was eye opening to hear this statement, the kicker came after when I was told that I had LEARNED this behavior of putting myself second from somewhere, from someone along the way and have been practicing it consciously and unconsciously in lots of different scenarios from how I had showed up in relationships to even how I had showed up in my business. Not even 24 hours had gone by and the Universe showed up and showed out in true — ‘now that YOU know, you can’t NOT do something about this revelation’ fashion.

In the same conversation, it was revealed that there were still some lingering deep rooted emotional wounds that needed some very DIRECT healing inside of me.

I transparently share all of this to say that as a life coach who teaches other people HOW to do this for themselves, it had not occurred to me that I had been putting myself second on so many occasions even though it was a very natural thing for me to be able to teach others seamlessly how to “get their life” — mind blowing! It made me stop and re-evaluate. But, not in a “I feel ashamed, how could I not know this kind of way”, but more in a THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE AND I’M ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE HELL NAH, THIS CAN’T GO ON kinda way. Can you dig it?

Over the course of the next few days following that conversation, I manifested scenarios that would undoubtedly ‘test me’, my patience and my resolve to value MY value and not put myself second anymore. I gave myself props for manifesting uncomfortable situations all the while low key cursing the Universe out for putting those lessons so IN MY FACE so quickly.

But, herein lays the magic of LAW OF ATTRACTION and going on a spiritual journey.

Once you know, you can’t UNknow. You must face those demons. Fight that fight (it’s really an internal battle). I accepted the challenge and navigated through each perceived challenge like a boss. I’m sure a couple more challenges may be headed my way because that’s how I tend to do it. I tend to make sure the lesson is learned so I can move on once and for all. I’m sure I do this so I can get CLEAR with myself that I don’t need to manifest the same type of challenge repeatedly.

I used my voice. I valued my value. I spoke of my desires directly and was clear in doing so, I was putting my needs and myself FIRST in a deliberate way. I gave birth to my NEW truth which for me was a cocktail of different emotions shaken AND stirred. I did question some things, I did ask my wife for her opinion, I did sit silently and contemplate. I did all those things. But, most importantly, I STILL used my voice.

I very quickly realized that using my voice opened the path for me to go on yet another empowering spiritual journey. The gateway of “this won’t necessarily look pretty when it’s said and done” opened and I peeked in at first wondering if I was ready. Again, in true the Universe WILL show up to kick your ass into gear fashion, I wasn’t allowed to just peek in, I was thrust forward. I had to jump in the deep end. Did I mention I can’t swim? I can’t. But, this new spiritual journey doesn’t care if I can swim or not. It wants me to TRUST that I won’t drown and so I will doggy paddle for a few, but I will teach myself the proper technique and I will swim. F that! I AM swimming!

Overall, I realized that using your voice is a spiritual journey within itself and I share that with you today in this article. It opens you. It frees you. It wraps itself around you and it pushes you to be better. Your voice is your connection to your truth. So, speak it. Scream it. Live it. Though it may feel uncomfortable at first, don’t give up on it. Don’t give up on you.

Even when your voice shakes, say something. It equals freedom. It creates a momentum. Recognize where you have been sitting silent in the corner hoping things will just work themselves out. That’s not how any of this works. Without your full participation in the journey, you won’t get far. Speak UP!


Coach Kerri

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