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DC’s Whitman-Walker Health Stronger than Ever Celebrating 40 years of service to the community

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Since 1973, Whitman-Walker has provided healthcare services for Washington, DC’s LGBTQ community. 11 years in, the Whitman-Walker clinic opened the country’s first ever AIDS Evaluation Unit. At the time, it was the only facility in the country dedicated to diagnosing and evaluating AIDS symptoms. Over the years, the organization has expanded its services to better support the community’s expanding and evolving needs. This year Whitman-Walker Health celebrates its 40th anniversary as a pillar of DC’s LGBTQ health community.


Sandy James, President



Tagg Magazine

In recent years, Tagg Founder and Managing Editor, Eboné F. Bell has expanded Tagg’s reach, making compelling content available through Tagg’s podcast and website platforms. In 2015, the magazine was recognized by Washington Business Journal as one of the Top 20 LGBTQ Businesses in the District.  






Whitman-Walker 40 was emceed by three pillars of D.C. talent. The legendary mother and host of the Ask Rayceen Show, Rayceen Pendarvis, D.C.’s NBC4 meteorologist, Chuck Bell, and DC-based stage actress and director, Holly Twyford led us through the night.



Eleanor Holmes Norton

Emblazoned on Washington, D.C. license plates, the words “Taxation without Representation” makes no secret of how Washingtonians feel about not having representatives in Congress. What the District has, however, isThe Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Delegate who has been fighting for D.C. statehood and independent representation for all 14 of her Congressional terms. 



Cover Boy

Marvell L. Terry, II is the Founder of the Red Door Foundation, Inc., an organization committed to bringing “focus to HIV/AIDS through advocacy, awareness, assistance and association.” Previously, Terry worked as a secretary and Organizing Member of The Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative, which addresses issues that affect Black men in particular, especially HIV education. Terry graces the cover of the September-October 2018 issue of The Unleashed Voice magazine.



June Crenshaw

Ms. Crenshaw is the former Chair of the Whitman-Walker Health Board of Directors. She is currently Executive Director of the Wanda Alston Foundation, a DC-based organization working to combat homelessness among LGBTQ youth.



Betty (!!!)

Fans (like me) of Showtime’s groundbreaking series, The L Word, will remember this Betty gem:

Talking, laughing, loving, breathing / Fighting, fucking, crying, drinking / Riding, winning, losing, cheating / Kissing, thinking, dreaming / This is the way / It’s the way that we live / It’s the way that we live / And love


I had no idea the group was DC-based.  My heart was delighted.



Sol & Muse

DC-based R&B/Soul performers.



“What’s your name?”

Rayceen Pendarvis has an undeniable and disarming charm. With this superpower, there is no better person to be in charge of asking people for money. This photo captures one of my favorite exchanges of the night.


Rayceen: You know, men who have gray hair give the best orgasms. What’s your name, beloved?

Gray-haired Man: Orgasm


Rayceen raised more than $40,000 in about 10 minutes.



WWH Directors

Executive Director Don Blanchon and Deputy Director, Naseema Shafi, announce the expansion of the Max Robinson Center in Washington’s Anacostia neighborhood. Anacostia is one of the District’s most notoriously attention- and cash-starved wards. The decision to invest in this center will be a great service to a community that could use the love.



Get more information on Whitman Walker here.

DC’s Whitman-Walker Health Stronger than Ever Celebrating 40 years of service to the community">

Monique Gamble

Dr. Monique A. Gamble is a Professor, photographer, and writer. Her academic specialties include American Government, International Relations, and Black Politics. Dr. Gamble’s photography was recently featured in the 2017 “Songs of My People: 25 Years Later” art exhibit. Currently, she is teaching courses on Black Politics and American Government in Washington, DC. Follow her on Instagram: @crownixxvi and Twitter: @thomasinacrown

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