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This is a space where we continue our conversations from our podcast Overqualified & Drunk. Since we are premiering our podcast today we also wanted to premiere our blog as well.

3 Reasons Why Chanel’s Staying in NYC 

  1. Road Rage Leads to Murder or High-Blood Pressure

I spent a lot of my time while living in Chicago screaming at other drivers on the road. Chicago’s unpredictable and mysterious traffic affected my romantic relationship, my mental and physical health, and I quite honestly began hating people. People who couldn’t understand how to signal before turning, cyclists who had an ‘automotive’ complex, and rubberneckers who caused more traffic than the actual accident.

Chicago’s city limits pale in comparison to Los Angeles. I would have to get another car and with a car comes insurance, car note, and maintenance. I might as well adopt a child, or I guess birth one. I would actually rather have a baby during Trump’s four-year reign than be forced to sit in one to two-hour traffic on the daily, just to hustle for a dream that could very well be hijacked by some ‘well-intentioned’ white Hollywood executive. No, thank you.

  1. Building Bridges to Somewhere

Having lived in about 15 different cities in my young 34 years, I have rarely felt the feeling of community or home. I have met so many beautiful humans since moving to NYC nearly three years ago, and have actually built some semblance of a community. I haven’t felt this connected to so many people in one place since I was in high school. It would be foolish to leave that and go to a place, where my friends’ number one complaint is: the people are so FAKE. I’d rather work on building my community, so when I do decide to have this Trump-era baby, my single ass will have someone to bring me pickles and coffee ice cream during my pregnancy.

  1. Watering My Seeds

Chloe’s right. Partially. I have unfinished gardens all across this country, collecting weeds and growing vines. I have truly planted seeds everywhere (as we should be doing). While not every seed needs to or will grow, I would like to see the seeds I have planted in NYC bloom like the Garden of Eden (sorta).

This podcast has been one of the most successful creations of my career as an artist. I initially saw Overqualified & Drunk as an entertaining hobby and a way to bring Chloe and I closer. I was so focused on finding a way into the industry, mostly via highly competitive TV writing fellowships, that as our podcast evolved, I didn’t see the gem that we had created. I never imagined that our work would be received this well, and my excitement for growing this podcast has finally matched Chloe’s. I don’t necessarily want to push and sweat for another person’s vision in L.A., when I’m carving out a platform for a voice that is so often not heard or rarely even provided a platform.

While I don’t have a yard, a chia pet, a houseplant, or anything green in my home, save for my fleece blanket, and vegetables in the fridge, I got some serious crops sprouting in my artist garden. I have been out as a lesbian for over ten years now, but NYC has taken me out of my artist shell and allowed me to tap into the many talents that I’ve been too shy or too afraid to pursue. NYC continues to affirm my purpose, so I can’t kick her in the back by leaving. (Wish she would gift me with cheaper rent though, just saying.)





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