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Love | Sex

Love Walter:  Erotic City

Dear Walter,   Love your column by the way. I’m a longtime reader. I love the way you write your

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  Romance Is My Day Job

Dear Walter,   How did you find love? And what makes you an expert?   -Still Single Dear Still Single,

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

Dear Walter,   As a gay man I never thought I would make it past 30. And with my 30th

Love | Sex

Love Isn’t Just For The Strong Dating With a Chronic Illness

I sat down to write this piece several times and each time it brought me to tears. Each time I


When Queers Come to Dinner Navigating the "friend" zone at family gatherings

When I came out to my mother she had a HARD time processing that new reality. It wasn't that she

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  Did My Relationship Make Me Fat?

Dear Walter,   Winter is upon us and I feel like me and my boyfriend are in danger of gaining


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