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Love Walter:  Erotic City

Dear Walter,   Love your column by the way. I’m a longtime reader. I love the way you write your

Culture, Politics

So You Say You Want Change? The Importance of Dismantling the System

Black QTAI + folks (and this distinction is intended) are already living in the future and the rest of ya'll are

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  Would You Date a Trump Supporter?

Dear Walter,   With the country fresh off of midterm elections, would you consider dating or hooking up with a

Love | Sex

Love Walter:  Fast Love and the Fall of Romance

Dear Walter,   I find the dating scene to be awkward. As a fellow gay man, it seems like the

Media, Music

Sounds of SOULE Spotlight: PAXSIR

Rap has become pretty stale.   Mumble rappers dominate subpar overcooked beats clumsily as track after track of the same

Culture, Pride

Before The Petals Fall The Rediscovery of My Softer Self

Everyday, I am exploring myself and creating opportunities that shape my life and how I view the world around it.


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