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Love | Sex

Love Walter: Oh Cupid, Why do You Keep on Calling?

Dear Walter, I’m dating again. Putting myself out there with the promise that someday I may find the elusive one.

Love | Sex

Love Walter: Surface Relationships Also Resurface

Dear Walter, How do you handle dealing with someone you used to date or hookup with? —Dating And Dodging Dear

Love | Sex

Love Walter: Stranger Than Fiction

Dear Walter, I’m dating this guy who’s a bit rough in the bedroom. Every time we try to have sex,

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Slave Play

Slave Play is so much more than just a play on words. This isn’t your average play by any means,

Love | Sex

Love Walter: The Fear of Dating While Sober

Dear Walter, I hope all is well. I recently became sober for the new year. But the problem is, I’m

Love | Sex

Love Walter – Midnight Train to Manhattan

Dear Walter, I’m currently in a small town in the middle of America. I want to someday movie to New

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