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Health & Fitness

#FitnessFridays: How to Build Your Chest

I remember spending countless hours surfing the internet for chest workouts. I was dissatisfied about my chest. When you think

Health & Fitness

#FitnessFridays Serious Mass for Mass

In the beginning stages of training I was so eager to evaluate my build. I wanted to gain size, I

Love | Sex

Love Isn’t Just For The Strong Dating With a Chronic Illness

I sat down to write this piece several times and each time it brought me to tears. Each time I

Culture, Inspiration

These 3 Organizations Are Changing the Narrative About Black, Gay Men

Sometimes, it feels as if Black, gay men are stuck in an invisible corner.  We’re the supporting characters on your

Culture, News

The National Sexual Assault Conversation Isn’t Inclusive

Thanks to Harvey Weinstein’s epic takedown, sexual assault is in the National spotlight, and Hollywood’s seedy underbelly has been exposed.


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