Suicide Deaths Mount for ICE Detainees

Past 3 Months Have Seen 4 Dead in Detention Centers

ICE detainee suicides increase
Afro-american boy watching rich district through fence, poverty, immigration

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised in more ways than one to make life absolutely miserable for anyone not straight, cisgender, able-bodied, Christian, and white. He was especially vicious in the red meat rhetoric that he fed his bigoted base. Instead of heeding the warnings of those who want a diverse, inclusive America that is safe for everyone, the voting electorate in just the right places put Donald Trump in the White House. Now, the consequences are deadly. In the last 4 months, there have been a rash of suicides among ICE detainees.

There have long time been reports of deplorable, inhumane conditions endured by those who find themselves in the custody of ICE. Conditions include a lack of basic hygiene products, neglect, sexual assault, and a number of other horrors leading to suicides of ICE detainees.

According to The Root, a British immigrant by the name of Ben James Owen committed suicide in Trump’s ICE detention camps. He was preceded by asylum seeker Roylan Hernández Díaz of Cuba, as well as a citizen of France and another immigrant. This has all taken place in just four  months, and those are the deaths that are actually documented. Given the Trump Administration’s lack of record-keeping and transparency, that death toll is much likely much higher. This brings the documented death toll of Trump’s concentration camps to at least 30.

In short, this Administration held to its word and stuck to its commitment to senseless cruelty, and now that cruelty is costing people their lives. 

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