Staying Woke with Native Son

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If there were someone not to sleep on, it would be Emil Wilkebin and his movement better known as Native Son. Recently, he celebrated black gay men at the Native Son Awards ceremony. People like Jussie Smollet and DeRay McKesson were some of the awardees highlighting their strength to be at the forefront during a time where the black gay community was in the spotlight.

Beyond the pomp and circumstance, Native Son has goals far greater than handing out awards. Most recently,  I was graced with the opportunity to attend the first ever town hall hosted by Native Son. Amidst a time of political turmoil in America, this town hall came at the right time.

Richard Scott Brookshire III, Dom Obannon, Emil Wilbekin, Darnell L. Moore and Kamal Kamal at the Native Son Town Hall: Stay Woke!
Photo Credit: Noemad

The meeting entitled, Our Voice and Our Power in the Age of Trump, was filled to capacity with Gay black activist, lawyers, creators & debaters you name it !!  All eager to poised with the innate calling to do something.   The panel was lead by gay professionals Jarrett Lucas, Richard Scott Brookshire III,  Emil Wilbekin, Darnell L. Moore and Kamal Kamal.

Leaving the Native Son town hall left me with a renewed purpose and charged to create change with the creative tools and network I already have.

Native son streamed their event on Facebook for those who could not attend. If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look below.

Make sure to check out Native Son on social media.

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