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SOUNDS OF SOULE Spotlight: Lamir Brice

Passionate piano chords, somber but soothing, open the leading track “Goodbye Love” on Lamir’s debut EP, Young Savage Saint. It is the beginning of a satisfying sonic sojourn that’ll make you believe in rap again, hands down. With a powerful command over musical production and mixing that reminds listeners often of the “old” Kanye West, there’s no doubt that Lamir Brice is going places fast with his unique artistry.


Name: Lamir Brice

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Favorite de-stress activity?: Smoking marijuana

How do you identify?: Bi-sexual

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B


SOULE: What inspires you to create?

LAMIR: My potential. I have too many talents to let them be wasted. Seeing that my Young Savage Saint EP (what I consider a demo tape now) actually made $5 in a matter of months off streams alone with little to no promo inspired me. It’s the small victories that keep me going. That’s why I constantly remind myself that I’m not only doing this for me, but for others everywhere. I plan to take care of my family as well as make the statement that anything you truly believe in can come to fruition in this tangible world through hard work and optimism.


Who is your greatest inspiration?

Definitely tied between Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, & Jay Z. Kendrick’s ability to let his music be the only necessary medium to speak volumes is impeccable. Nicki’s business acumen, branding and ability to create an experience through music alone is incredible and should be inspiring to not only women, but artists in general. Then Jay Z is literally the blueprint of the successful rapper turned mogul. His legacy speaks for itself even to this day. They’re all legends who know their roles and they play them phenomenally. I learn a lot from them.


Which of your songs would you say embodies your “story”?

“Icy Boy”, the fourth track off my Young Savage Saint demo is definitely the song that embodies the story of Lamir Brice the most. I’m the unfiltered playboy who knows he’s the shit at all times. I’m that guy.



How do you use music to heal others and yourself?

I’m able to show people that real life is okay. It’s okay to be at your lowest low one minute and to be the most braggadocios person in the room the next minute. There’s strength in vulnerability. Goodbye Love, a song I free-styled post heartbreak was real for me. Then to have a song as hard and bad ass as Baby Boy follow up right after was ethereal for me. That was an experience for me as much as it was for my audience.


Why should we listen to you?

You should listen to me because I’m fly and I make great music. My music is an experience. It’s life in every form. Each song on my Young Savage Saint EP had a different vibe and that’s what I love about that project. It displays the range of my artistry.


What upcoming projects are you working on?

I’m always working on remixes and original tracks but at the moment I’m truly zeroed in on crafting the Lamir Brice brand. Since I’m starting to take this seriously, solidifying that is my first priority right now. In terms of new music, I’ll be dropping again in wintertime to honor my birthday (December 24th) and Capricorn season.


Where can we get updates on your newest projects?

Feel free to keep up with my music at my Soundcloud (@Lamir Brice) or at my Apple Music Page. I also curate playlists on the side; those also can be found here.



For more updates on how to stay up to date with Lamir Brice and his creative vision, follow the links above and follow him at Twitter and Instagram @lamirbrice


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