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Featured in Nylon, PAPER Magazine, i-D, and Vogue, Kaius is certainly no stranger to the spotlight. Curating fashion within the world of ballroom is one of many talents, but there is another that is reaching eminence: his witty lyricism on the track. Kaius is definitely  an integral part of the growing new school of Atlanta rap, determined to leave a lasting impact in your ear canals long after the last beat of the song dies down. Stylish wordplay bolstered by solid production heralds several of his most recent singles, including his most recent fun bop, Yo yo.

This is one artist you do NOT want to sleep on!



Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Favorite de-stress activity?: Weed + Writing

How do you identify?: Very Gay

Genre: Hip Hop


SOULE: What inspires you to create?

KAIUS: Anything can spark an idea for me, but first and foremost I’m inspired by my personal experiences good or bad.


Who is your greatest inspiration?

I have so many inspirations: Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson, Sam Smith, Beyoncé, James Vincent McMorrow, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Future, Young Thug…I know, all over the place right?


Which of your songs would you say embodies your “story”?

*Hmmmm* I have a song called “Stronger Now” on my upcoming LP that I’d say greatly encompasses who I am as an artist sonically. I don’t want to say it embodies my “story” per say because my story is still being written…


How do you use music to heal others and yourself?

I am a clusterfuck of intense emotions. Like I said before I pull my inspiration to create from my life’s experiences and pain/anxiety is a big part of it; however, something doesn’t necessarily have to be TRAUMATIC for me to pick up my pen. I can feel the slightest energy shift and neeeeed to let it out of my spirit — someone could accidentally bump into me in the Wendy’s line and that alone can fuel my ego to write an aggressive braggadocious track like ‘Watch out lil b**ch I’m the shit back up off me!!’. Essentially I’m just using that experience to ground myself and offer it to others as a source of resonance.


Why should we listen to you?

WHY? Because I’m a one stop shop. Rap is cool and all but KAIUS is multifaceted. You’re getting rap, r&b, alternative, pop, all of that just from yours truly — some artists feel like they have to choose a lane but why if you can do it all? 100% of my lyrics are written by me across all genres and given my varied influences [sonically] my music offers a distinct flavor. Oh and did I mention I’m classically trained?



What upcoming projects are you working on?

I am working on an LP that I hope to have released in the early spring of 2019. In conjunction, I’m putting together a music video for the lead single entitled “Illusion” which is not out yet; for now, enjoy “Hot Sauce, Both Ways, and YoYo”, all available on my Soundcloud


Where can we get updates on your newest projects?

I am most active on Twitter and Instagram @imkaius.  

To stay up to date with KAIUS and his creative vision, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram @imkaius and check out his work at

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