Seven Things That Suck About Being A Bottom

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This is about me and maybe some of you other sistas, but the following are the things I really don’t like about being a Bottom.

Canceled Dick

1. I don’t like when I’ve setup my “dick-pointment” and I’ve spent time to get “ready” to a great time and then they cancel. Not sure about you but, I spend a decent amount of time getting ready and cancelling on me is disrespectful. Don’t think I’m calling you back either.



Risk of HIV

2.  I don’t like that the experts say that I’m the one with the higher tendency of contracting HIV in the event of unprotected sex between me and the Top. Now, how is that fair?




Clash of bottoms

3. I don’t like that I meet a cute guy, a really cute guy, and we get to talking, and we discover that we are both bottoms.I mean, come on! Why oh Why. Maybe I should try Topping. Maybe Not.


Dick And Dash

4. I don’t like that some Tops think sex begins when he sticks it into me and ends when he blows that nut and then pulls it out and flops to my side in satisfaction. I. DON’T. LIKE. THAT. ONE. BIT! When do I get to nut from the euphoric experience.

Way too big

5. I don’t like when a well endowed man thinks he’s fucking a pussy. They are clearly two different anatomic body parts and I don’t have one.  I cannot take a power-drilling from an elephant trunk. So take it easy and throw a little more lube on to help.

Bottoms are sluts

6. I like dick time to time. But, when I like dick a little too much, I’m a slut. However, tops seem to be immune to that word. This double standard sucks big-time.

7. Finally, I don’t like that after all these things I don’t like about being a Bottom, I still can’t help the fact that I like being a Bottom. Such twisted irony, innit?

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