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Sounds of SOULE Spotlight: Sev7en Taylor

Up next in our series is rapper Sev7en Taylor. Hailing from Hew Haven, Sev7en is an artist who is sure never to let the beat bully his rhymes. Delivering sonic pulses with lyrical gems embedded in each song, Sev7en weaves a story that takes you through his past, his present, and into the future he sees for us all. This is definitely one artist you need to check out!


Name: Sev7en Taylor 
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut 
Favorite de-stress activity?: Creating. Being able to create has always been my escape. 
How do you identify?: I’m openly gay. I’m also openly everything artistic plus more. 
Genre: Rap/ HipHop


SOULE: What inspires you to create?
SEV7EN: Pop culture. From the age of 5, I’ve always been invested in pop culture. Now, I am able to contribute to the evolving music scene and inspire others. That itself is a blessing. Life also inspires my pen to compose raps, especially after thinking back to those moments in my life where I didn’t know if I was gonna survive.


Who is your greatest inspiration? 
I’d have to say Nicki, Foxy, Kim, Biggie, Missy and Jay Z. Listening to their music inspired me to push my pen and explore my talents. I listened to Nicki throughout high school and felt connected to her, inspired in a “I can do this too” type of vibe ; I, too, can come into this hyper- masculine / double standard industry and make a voice for artists like myself. As far as having queer influences, for a long time I didn’t have anyone that really looked like me in the industry, doing what I’m doing; however, being able to look at RuPaul and other LGBT icons that are around in this day and age, I did find inspiration and encouragement that would have been so helpful in my earlier years of creating.


Which of your songs would you say embodies your “story”? 
My debut album opening song ” Hate U.” It causes me to reflect on the past and how it’s made me who I am today. However, I know the music I’ll be creating soon will REALLY speak of who ” Sev7en Taylor” really is.



How do you use music to heal others and yourself? 
I use music to connect with others and myself on a deeper level, exposing nothing but the truth. I fall short at times at not giving myself the love I deserve but I also have always felt like it was my job to speak truths in the universe. My debut album ” Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.” speaks of three years of experiences I faced. The heartbreaks I’ve had, the depression I’ve faced, the triumphs I’ve earned, everything that contributed to who I am today. After I put my debut album on wax, I was able to actually see what a cathartic experience putting it all together was. I’ve had so many people contact me about certain songs and how they have been able to connect to my music. I feel empowered by being able to use my music to give people a voice to say “I’m hurt”, “I’m feeling sexy”, “I feel like the sh*t today!”, “I am worthy”, and so on.



Why should we listen to you? 
My music isn’t a gimmick, it’s the real deal. I write my raps/ music. I am everything the word “artist” means. Bringing fresh perspective to the sounds of the LGBTQ community, opening doors for the those next in line, there is nothing basic about my sound. “My music” is my “why you should listen”.


What upcoming projects are you working on? 
Currently, I’m working on two projects. One is a mini project, the other is the follow up to the debut album. More info will be released soon but I am very excited about it all. I have a lot of stories to tell.


Where can we get updates on your newest projects? 
I always share everything via my social media accounts. For my upcoming projects. It’ll be special announcements and done in a special way. I can’t say much. Ya’ll see SOON. Thank you for having me! 

Soundcloud –

Debut album (available everywhere)



For more information on Sev7en Taylor and his creative vision, follow him on Twitter @Sev7enTaylor.

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