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A Rundown of our Favorite QTPOC Characters

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Here are some of our favorite stand out – Queer, Brown, and deeply developed characters currently streaming, and from the past. See if your favorites made the list!


Titus Andromedon, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt –Netflix 


Actor –  Tony Award Winner Titus Burgess


Titus starts off our list. Between his witty vernacular, hilarious commentary, and unapologetic attitude, Titus is the sass-supreme, and highlight of this this brilliant ensemble cast of Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt.



Curtis Holt, Arrow –CW 

Actor –  Echo Kellum


One of my biggest crushes, and probably one of the first times we get a Black, gay, male Superhero on the screen. Not to mention “Mr. Terrific” is a regulation hottie.



Lena Adams, The Fosters – Freeform




Mom, Principal, all-around bad ass. Lena Foster is Black queer royalty as one of the main characters of ABC’s hit show.



Kelly, Black Mirror – Netflix 



Okay So, It was one episode, but San Juniper is hands down one of the best episodes of Black Mirror. Who doesn’t love a little 70’s glamour? Also Kelly is portrayed by the consistently slept on GuGu Mbatha-Raw. 



Noah, Noah’s Ark – LOGO

Actor – Darryl Stephens


It took me a while to settle on one specific character from this historic staple of a show for QTPOC. But I settled on Noah the shows protagonist – A Queer-Femme male, unapologetic, romantic, and deeply human.



Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood – HBO 




Gosh, speaking of queer feminine ICONS, we can’t forget about Bon Temps resident supernatural king. Lafayette gave us entrepreneurship, elegance, sass, and didn’t take anyone’s bullshit. Rest easy the amazing Nelsan Ellis. 



Denise, Master of None – Netflix 


Actress – Lena Waithe


Denise in Master of None, is honestly a whole master class. The Thanksgiving episode was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on Netflix.



William Hill, This is Us – ABC




William Hill, a bi-sexual male. This Is Us is honestly the show you should be tuning in to. If you’re not already, shame on you! A father, and an artist, Ron Cephas Jones gave us one of the best performances of the year. 



Sophia Burset, Orange is The New Black – Netflix 



Black trans awareness, an Alabama native actress? SIGN ME UP. Sophia was human, and Laverne Cox gave us a raw, uninhibited honest performance, with some great comedic moments as well.



Anissa Pierce, Black Lightning – CW 

“Thunder,” portrayed by Nafessa Williams


CW is not playing with representation this year, the new show Black Lightning follows a “retired” Black super-hero, and his super-powered family. Among that family, His Black AF, Queer AF, Powerful AF daughter Anissa a.k.a “Thunder.”



Cover photo courtesy of ABC News

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