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The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot and The White Gay Agenda

Maya Angelou said “when people show you who they are, believe them” and that is hands down the best piece of advice I have EVER received.


Roseanne Barr has shown us she’s a bigot. I’m not saying she is…SHE says she is with the words she uses to describe Black women and minority populations.


Since the first cancelation of her show her rhetoric has become even more noxious and because she personally runs the twitter account that publishes these thoughts she is personally accountable for every vile thing found on that timeline. Why then, did a major TV network allow her to reboot her show given that she’s become more unstable and hateful in recent years?


Enter Sara Gilbert, a lesbian, married to a woman, a mother, a talk show host, a producer, and the driving force behind the Roseanne reboot. Sara envisioned the same house, the same people, and the same feel. The cast was excited to bring back a show about the “working class in America” but surprisingly, it took some effort to convince Roseanne to return. Finally, she acquiesced and filming began. It was widely acknowledged Roseanne could be “outspoken” and occasionally “difficult” but Gilbert was sure Roseanne would be fine for the reboot because they were working with a new creative team.


Gilbert was comfortable aligning herself with Roseanne and wanted us all to be comfortable with her in order to forward her own personal financial and watered-down queer-lite agenda.


The show certainly looked different, the original Becky returned, Darlene had a gender non-conforming child (the focus of several episodes), DJ had a biracial daughter, Dan wasn’t…dead, Jackie was an outspoken liberal, and not surprisingly, Roseanne (with art imitating real life) was a staunch Trump supporter. The reboot was a success dealing with new issues like, school bullying, surrogacy, political discord, anti-Muslim fear, and health scares. Then real life Roseanne decided to get on twitter and go all “Roseanne.”


** deep sigh**


On Tuesday, Roseanne tweeted some foolishness about Chelsea Clinton being married to a member of the Soros family, then told herself to hold her OWN beef and tweeted the even more offensive statement that if the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” (VJ refers to Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama).


Roseanne later claimed she was 1) referring the Jarrett’s politics and 2) only said it because she was on Ambien, and 3) thought Jerrett was a white woman.


However, this is not the first time she’s compared a Black woman to an ape. In 2013 she said, “Susan Rice is a man with big swinging ape balls” …so at this point, it’s less a slip of the keyboard, and more of a sincerely held believe, Rosie. The backlash was swift and total, the reboot was canceled, and Roseanne reruns were removed from syndication.


Roseanne’s foolishness doesn’t surprise me.


Sara Gilbert, ‘Roseanne.’ Closer Weekly


Gilbert initially wanted the public to separate real-life Roseanne, who is a racist, from the TV Roseanne who is also— racist? Ok, but…girl what? How did this surprise Gilbert? A simple Google search could tell you Roseanne has been problematic for years. So, it stands to reason that Gilbert believed that because the show dealt with some white LGBTQ issues it was worth the risk of aligning herself with a racist. Simply put, she was willing to ignore racism as long as 1) there was money to be made and 2) white LGBTQ issues were being addressed. Gilbert was comfortable aligning herself with Roseanne and wanted us all to be comfortable with her in order to forward her own personal financial and watered-down queer-lite agenda.


POC queers have seen this before. The push for gay marriage and the overreaching white gay financial support that issue received over all others including: growing trans POC deaths, POC queer workplace discrimination, POC social discrimination, the ever-increasing number of homeless POC children, and other issues,  shows where the main stream LGBTQ purse strings are focused.


Mainstream gay rights organizations spent tens of millions of dollars securing their rights, but have yet to go to vulnerable POC populations.


That historical ability to have tunnel vision for an issue that was disproportionally more important to white gays was mirrored by Gilbert’s alignment to a racist with a platform she sees as a gateway to expose middle America to narrow LGBTQ issues.


Gilbert was so intent on telling a story to “working America” (at least the white part) she was willing to dance with the devil for access to middle America’s living room. However, the middle America that loves Roseanne can’t be reasoned with, those are people we cannot reach. They believe Obama is from Kenya, and Trump is going to bring back coal.


Gilbert, a small gay frog crossing a wide river of hate made a deal with Roseanne the scorpion, and now that Roseanne has stung her halfway through their journey, Gilbert really has no one to blame but herself.


Cover photo: Star Tribune

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