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Rapper Goldlink Calls For Grammy Boycott

Are You A Stand For Black Art?

The Grammy’s are suppose to highlight societies music professionals, however time and time again black folks are not included. Rapper Goldlink stated “its fuck Grammy’s til the day I die. I am no longer participating in that wild ass, slave ass, political ass, cheating ass game any longer.” The Grammy’s and other “mainstream” award shows create standards of approval embedded in white supremacy. The Grammys did not add a Rap category until 1989, does not have a category for black international artist, and mixtapes are not acknowledged. Include the intersection of being LGBT and black the exposure is less. Lil Nas X is currently nominated but it is his song with Billy Ray Cyrus, so what does that say about white people being gatekeepers. Will you be tuning to the 2020s Grammy, or do you think we should boycott it like Godlink plans on doing and many others have in the past.

What do you think?


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