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Sounds of SOULE Spotlight: PAXSIR

Rap has become pretty stale.


Mumble rappers dominate subpar overcooked beats clumsily as track after track of the same old mistakes rule supreme over the airwaves. Despite that, the rise of the queer rap movement is heralding a coming change. It is indeed a breath of fresh air to hear clarity and focus within the fierce wordplay exhibited by PAXSIR, our next Sounds of SOULE Spotlight!



Hometown: Union, SC

How do you identify: HUMAN

Genre: Hip-Hop



SOULE: What inspires you to create?

PAXSIR: The inspiration behind my writing has a lot to do with what I have been through personally in my life, whether it’s family, relationship with friends, etc. & sometimes my inspiration comes from the good experiences I’ve had. Whatever I go through I try to let it show through my raps & let it play out



Who is your biggest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is the one and only Onika Tanya Maraj—Nicki Minaj!— That woman has taught me soooooo fucking much and I have learned a lot about how the industry can really be by watching her. I have been listening to Nicki since her first mixtape. Like I’m most connected with her, she doesn’t care about what other people have to say about her, she gives me the type of vibe that no other can give me. All the flow changes and etc. she’s PERFECT she’s what a RAP IDOL or an IDOL in general, is. Also, I would have to say Foxy, Biggie, Kendrick, Wayne and the OLD Kanye are huge influences. They inspire me to push and go even harder, to never settle nor rush my craft. 


Artists in the LGBTQ community are bringing new life to the game and are giving the people what they been asking for.



Which of your songs would you say embodies your “story”?

The song that speaks for me is the song I released earlier this year called “Let’s Talk.” It talks about people who didn’t support me; that even though they don’t show love or support REAL talent, I will still make it and be my authentic self. It is basically letting the people know that you can’t knock me down no matter how hard you try or what you say, and when I make it keep that same fucking energy. I have more music that touches on other parts of my life that I have yet to release and probably won’t just yet, not until my sophomore album.



How do you use music to heal others and yourself?

I try to take my music to the next level at every chance I get, whether on a deeper vibe or something else. Whatever I’m writing or saying, know it’s the truth. I don’t put shit in my songs but FACTS! As far as my music making emotional connections, my debut album didn’t really go into heavier vibes; that’s something I did more on my sophomore album. I feel that it is very important for artists to have music that not only reflects and connects with their life but connects and reflects others as well.



Why should we listen to you?

Know this:  I’m not doing this for show. I can’t make you listen. I will never force my shit down your throat. If you hear it, you will hear it. If you don’t hear it, I know you hating, PERIOD. It is important for you to hear my sound because it’s in the spirit of the real RAP/HIP-HOP era.


Artists in the LGBTQ community are bringing new life to the game and are giving the people what they been asking for. I just feel like once we start supporting each other and stop bringing each other down, then we will make it and cover A LOT of ground in this industry. I’m the real deal. Nothing I do is a gimmick or just trying to get a quick penny. I’m doing this for real. This is what I want. This is my passion. 



What upcoming projects are you working on?

I’m almost finished recording my debut album that will be out at the top of the new year. I’ll be releasing two singles from that album: one featuring my boy GODISMIKEY called “Broke” and the other titled “Rap Love.” I’m in the writing process for both my sophomore album and a mini mixtape that I’ll release in between, but no time soon. 




Where can we get updates on your newest projects?

Hmmm…I don’t talk too much about updates concerning my projects and what not mainly because, sometimes, when I put a set date, I tend to push shit back. So, for right now, I’m moving in silence and letting everything play out. What I will say is that my debut roll out will be amazing!

Thanks for having me, and I’ll be seeing you guys soon! 


If you want to know more about PAXSIR and their creative vision, follow them on Twitter @MusicbyPAXSIR and check out their music on Soundcloud.




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