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My Brothers and Me HIV Short ‘My Brothers & Me’ to Debut on World AIDS Day

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HIV Short ‘My Brothers & Me’ to Debut on World AIDS Day

New York City (November 13, 2018) – The Each-Other Project announces their latest project, My Brothers & Me, will debut via YouTube on December 1st, following a year of screenings at various festivals and conferences throughout the US.


My Brothers & Me, directed by Donja R. Love and written by Steven-Emmanuel Martinez, follows Marcy (Shawn C. Nabors) who just received some undesirable news and calls on his two best friends, José (Pierre Jean Gonzalez) and Lloyd (Eric R. Williams), for support. This film illuminates the power of friendship while challenging the narratives and stigmas around HIV.


As Donja puts it, “It’s important to show friendship exists – strong and loving friendships, especially during those dark moments when there’s no light to be found. That’s what friendship can be: a beacon. It can show us ourselves by just showing up. At its core ‘My Brothers & Me’ reminds us what friendship is and what it can do.”


Steven uses his writing to combine art with advocacy and calls other creatives to do the same, “I also want other creatives to take this as an opening and to take “the plunge” and work towards writing Black characters living with HIV, not as fillers or as backdrops, but as fully dimensional characters with worlds of their own.”


My Brothers and Me will be available on December 1st via




ABOUT: The Each-Other Project is a community based organization that celebrates and fosters community through digital media and advocacy for gay queer and trans people of color. We work as a platform to amplify the voices and images of those that exist in our communities, people of color on the gender and sexual spectrum, while building safe and relevant space both on- and off- line.


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My Brothers and Me HIV Short ‘My Brothers & Me’ to Debut on World AIDS Day">

Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a native of the Bronx, NY who holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of D.C. and an M.P.S in Sports Management from Georgetown University. In 2017, Robin made her debut as a filmmaker with the creation of the short film Garden of Eden, which she wrote and co-directed. "Garden of Eden" is a scripted drama that follows the coming out story of a young Black lesbian who is outed by her father. In May 2017, "Garden of Eden" was selected into the Cannes Film Festival Creative Minds Short Film Corner in Cannes, France where it was screened privately. Robin is Managing Editor at, and also facilitates therapeutic writing and mindfulness workshops teaching participants how to use writing to heal trauma. In addition to being a freelance writer and filmmaker, Robin owns and operates a small accessory company called Bowtie Behavior. IG/Twitter: @model_robbie


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