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MOBI, Scotch & Soda Team Up for “Well and Well-Dressed” Campaign


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Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI) and Scotch & Soda Team Up for “Well and Well-Dressed” Campaign, Promoting Wellness Among Queer Communities of Color

NEW YORK, NY – January 28th, 2019 – Wellness is the latest fashion statement worthy of a moment as Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI) launches its latest campaign with the help of Dutch fashion brand, Scotch & Soda. Under the name “Well and Well-Dressed,” the campaign encourages queer communities of color to consider holistic health as a lifestyle choice to combat their stressors and adversities while looking and feeling great in the process.

MOBI curates social events for queer people of color that promote wellness, community, and personal development. This is accomplished through the MOBItalks series with previous speakers including Karamo Brown, DeRay McKesson, Ty Hunter, Emil Wilbekin, Patrik-Ian Polk, Michael Arceneaux, and Darnell Moore amongst others. Also, MOBIfest – a 3-day NYC citywide festival in June that celebrates queer contributions to the arts and media. Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard headlined last year’s inaugural festival.

MOBI and Scotch & Soda’s “Well and Well-Dressed” campaign serves as a call to action to dedicate as much time to your inner wellbeing as your outer appearance.

The team tapped nine LGBTQ+ influencers to lead the charge as models for the campaign including:

B MAJR (@bprep) – NYC based DJ

Bry’Nt (@bryntmusic) – Rapper and music artist

Devin-Norelle (@steroidbeyonce) – Writer, model, and Trans advocate

Kameron Mack (@kameron_depaul) – Director and video producer at Complex Media

London Miles (@proseccopapi11) – Fitness model and influencer

Marco Maldonado (@_mguapo) – Event planner and first openly gay cast member/couple on BET reality show, Hustle in Brooklyn

Randy Bowden (@randybowdenjr) – Model and first openly gay cast member/couple on BET reality show, Hustle in Brooklyn

Rap Sarmiento (@rapisoffensive) – Fashion stylist

To look their best, Scotch & Soda outfitted each influencer in a full look from their latest in-store collection to match their personal style regardless of gender norms. Model, B. Hawk identifies as Non-Binary and wears a Scotch & Soda women’s top and pants matched with personal accessories.

“A lot of the magic that makes New York Fashion Week happen can easily be credited to large contributions from the queer community that gravitate towards that industry,” says MOBI Founder, DaShawn Usher. “New York Fashion Week brings a level of excitement to the city and an added interest in how you look and present yourself. We want to start the conversation around the wellness aspect of that. Clothing affects a person’s mental processes and perceptions of others. The added pressure from social media to look your best definitely plays into that as well. We’re encouraging everyone to dedicate as much time to their inner self as their outer appearance and if looking good increases your self-esteem and makes you a more confident and vibrant person, we’re here for it!”

The “Well and Well-Dressed” campaign kicks off MOBI’s programming for the year beginning with it’s 2019 MOBItalks series on Saturday, March 23rd in the Bronx; Saturday, April 20th in Harlem; and Saturday, May 18th in Long Island City. This all leads up to MOBIfest a few weeks before World Pride in June. MOBI’s events are all free to the public with access to MOBIfest earned through receiving a MOBI sponsored wellness service or participating in a dedicated health or professional development activation across the city.

The full “Well and Well-Dressed” campaign imagery can be downloaded here and will launch on the MOBI website ( on February 12th.


B. HAWK SNIPES: “My goal in life is to create a stage and voice for others who don’t have one. With my love for television and film I want to create projects that will shed light on experiences within the LGBTQ+ community.”

SHOP THE LOOK: B. Hawk wears a Scotch & Soda Striped Pullover ($145.00) and Embroidered Side Tape Trousers ($148.00).

B MAJR: “Being a DJ is kind of like being a magician, but it’s also a science. I used to work in science so it’s interesting to see how they both relate to each other. Music affects everything from your vibrational frequency to your body temperature.”

SHOP THE LOOK: B MAJR wears a Scotch & Soda Chest Pocket Oxford Shirt ($115.00) and Type Plus – Crystal Raw Slim Carrot Fit Jeans ($165.00)

BRY’NT: “I didn’t want a career where I would have to be scrambling to hide everything. If I would have kept my sexuality a secret and my career started to grow, that would be something I would have to stay on top of. Now I don’t have to. I can just be myself.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Bry’Nt wears a Scotch & Soda Checked Trucker Jacket ($198.00) and Blake – Nepped Check Pleated Trousers ($185.00).

DEVIN-NORELLE: “Androgyny encompasses a variety of bodies and people. Brown and black people can be androgynous. People with curves or disabilities can be androgynous. Trans people can be androgynous. And unlike what I was led to believe, people with body structures that typically denote a binary gender can also be androgynous.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Devin-Norelle wears a Scotch & Soda Alpine Shirt ($195.00) and Ralston – Just Move It Regular Slim Fit Jeans ($175.00).

KAMERON MACK: “There’s definitely been progress with LGBTQ representation of people of color in media. I’m excited to be a part of that shift.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Kameron wears a Scotch & Soda Checked Cotton Shirt ($125.00), and Ralston – Beaten Back Regular Slim Fit Jeans ($149.00).

LONDON MILES: “I try my best to be both physically and mentally fit. I love the work that MOBI is doing because they’re creating spaces for queer people of color that promote that idea and provide resources for us.”

SHOP THE LOOK: London wears a Scotch & Soda Black Denim Jacket ($198.00), Jacquard Tee ($78.00), and Tye Plus – Crystal Raw Slim Carrot Fit Jeans ($165.00).

MARCO MALDONADO: “Being gay in the urban, and hip hop community is just so taboo. We just wanted to hit it and have the courage to put our lives out there and our relationship.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Marco wears a Scotch & Soda Chest Pocket Denim Shirt ($125.00) and Tye Lucky Blauw Dark Slim Carrot Fit Jeans ($149.00).

RANDY BOWDEN: “We want to bring a different shade of what gay is in the hip-hop community. It’s so looked down upon. We’re confident and we’re not going anywhere.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Randy wears a Scotch & Soda Hooded Bomber Jacket ($235.00) and Ralston – Casinero Jeans ($165.00).

RAP SARMIENTO: “I take a lot of pride in my Filipino roots so it’s a great feeling to be able to represent my heritage and take pride in my lifestyle.”

SHOP THE LOOK: Rap wears a Scotch & Soda Knitted Beanie ($49.00), Oversized Colour Block Polo ($125.00), and Skim – Kimono Yes Skinny Fit Jeans ($149.00).

Photographer: LaQuann Dawson (@laquanndawson) Location: Holyrad Studios Brooklyn Clothing: Scotch & Soda

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ABOUT MOBILIZING OUR BROTHERS INITIATIVE (MOBI) Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI) curates experiences that celebrate the diversity of queer people of color while building community, wellness and personal development. The MOBI network features our signature events: MOBItalks, a personal and professional development series and MOBIfest, a citywide interactive wellness festival that celebrates queer voices in fashion, music, visual arts and media. With a focus on wellness, MOBI connects individuals to opportunities to better themselves before and during events.

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