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Love Walter:  Sometimes Enough Is Enough

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Hi Walter,


I’m writing to ask when is enough, enough? I’ve been in a relationship with one person for over 4 years and it seems to me instead of getting better it is the opposite. I’ve exhausted all thinking and compromising to save what we do have, which to me seems to only be the sexual part. I’ve asked for a professional opinion of the situation, but that doesn’t even concern my partner. I need help because I’m ready to throw in the towel and just say goodbye. What should I do?

Throwing in the Towel


Dear Throwing in the Towel,


A relationship roadblock can weigh you down like a broke baby daddy with bad credit. But is this setting you back?


Four years is a long time to be taken for granted. At some point, the compromises become compromising. And more words are exchanged than messages getting through.


Relationships should be growing and developing. I’ll be the first to admit that it can be challenging. Couples become complacent, diving deep into routines, schedules and expectations that often kill most romances. 


Sounds like you need to have a conversation about the course of your relationship. Where do you guys see yourselves in the next few years? And what are some changes you want to see? 


If your relationship is just about sex then maybe you’ll be better off being sex buddies. Seems like you are suffering from a lack of fulfillment in your courtship.


I never want to see a relationship dissolve but if you’re going down a dead end then maybe it’s time to get off the road. 





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Walter Reed

Walter Reed is writer and advice columnist on love, lust, and life. Romance is his day job. Read more at Follow him on Twitter @ LoveWalterHQ


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