Love Walter:  The Peril and Pleasure of Raw Sex

Dear Walter,

Would you recommend having raw sex? In the latest porn I see more and more people having raw sex. Heck, even on social media I see amateur porn stars, guys fucking guys raw. Most of these men are strangers. I have to admit it’s kind of a fantasy of mine. Now to my question, would you recommend having raw sex? I know it may be bad but why are so many people doing it.

Thinking About Going Raw,

Dear Thinking About Going Raw,

Once upon a time, a friend called me to gush about his latest sexual experience.


“I just got finished having bareback sex with a bar-back,” Leo said.


I spilled my drink. Jamming something in raw is like stuffing another outfit in an already overstuffed suitcase requires too much vaseline for me. Giving today’s sexual climate, is it smart to have unprotected sex? 


Doing it in the butt like the song suggests can lead to a shitty situation. It could have you running for a shower post-coital, scrubbing off shit until the sun comes up. Perhaps, you would be better off taking a rinse in the spin cycle. The mere possibility alone of encountering a sandstorm makes you want to grab a raincoat stat. 


“Leo, how did you end up barebacking the bareback?” I asked.


“Well, he hit me up on Jack’d and said he wanted me to fuck him raw. So I met up with him that night and gave him what he wanted,” He said.


I couldn’t believe it. There’s something seedy about sleeping with a stranger unprotected. Thoughts of sweaty silhouettes leaving stains on sheets filled my head. Oh, the secrets they must keep! Some have a hefty sexual appetite, feeding on multiple courses of scandalous dishes, consuming every concoction no matter the cost. 


This is no public service announcement. However, there is something to say about the physical and psychological damage you could inflict on yourself after just one raw casual tryst. When your life is in the balance, is the risk worth the reward? 


Some like doing it in a park after dark, where the chance of getting caught is higher than the gift of getting off. Public sex is unsafe because of the potential of jail time, and you can prick yourself with one of the branches while banging in the bushes. Yet, the demand for public sex is there.


Consider raw sex like raw food, if you don’t turn up the heat it can lead to a poisonous experience. So why are people doing it?


“Imagine getting a massage, then imagine a masseuse putting gloves on, the experience is quite different,” Leo said.


Why the sudden craving?


The experience enhances when removing latex from the equation. But in the age of AIDS, there is a disclaimer. Whether there is a backdoor situation or a front seat fellatio, wrapping it up ensures a more seamless experience.




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