Love Walter:  How to Handle Accidentally Sleeping with a Family Member

Dear Walter,

I want to first start off by saying I love your writing and continue to do you. Secondly, I just want to say that I have a dilemma with something. For starters, I am a reformed hoe and I got that way because I think I slept with one of my nephews. Way-minute, I did not know he was my nephew at the time because it didn’t come out that he was my second to the oldest brother’s child. Let me give you the quick sneak peak.


We met online (Grinder or A4A) and I was only after a good blow job and jerk session. We meet, he was cute, about 12 years younger than I, but it was cool. He had a big hairy dick like I like it and he was an excellent kisser. Now, mind you this happened 8 years ago.


Now two years ago, I get a disturbing call asking me why I didn’t tell him he had a son and I [told] him I was not in the room when the baby was conceived so he hung up. Now my new nephew’s mother, whom I have not seen in about 25 years, calls me and tell me that her son (my nephew) wants to meet his people because a recent DNA test confirms that her present husband (the only father he has known) is not his father. I said well, “Girl send me the picture and I will pass it along to the family.”


And when I saw the pic my face dropped and my heart sank. It was the youngin with the big hairy dick that has been beating up my throat for about year and a half until we went our separate ways.


Question:  Should I say something about the year-long lust affair that happened at the time almost 12 years ago? Or should I just play it cool and chalk it up to the game?


—Family Portrait

Dear Family Portrait,


I let this question cool in my inbox for a month because I didn’t quite know how to respond. And now that I have clarity, here’s my take.


Incest is illegal.


But, I have heard tales of family members experimenting with their sexuality. From kissing cousins to measuring each other’s penis, it’s not that abnormal when you’re young and don’t know any better. And when you know better you do better.


Plucking and polishing a penis from your family tree unknowingly is one thing. And then telling everyone about it is another. The incident really confirms my theory that we really need to know more about the people we sleep with.


I get that Adam4Adam isn’t exactly so you should get a pass. But this is so unfortunate and awkward. I don’t really know if your family will be understanding. Part of me wants to know how this story ends. What if the nephew in question recognizes you? What if he confronts you and wants some more?


Life shouldn’t devolve into an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury, where people are revealing things to a studio audience, events that inevitably cost them more than the flight, hotel and booking fee they were given. I’ve seen people destroy their lives and the family for little temptations.


I can only imagine the awkwardness during Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you would be staring at the glazed ham instead. And stuffing your mouth with only stuffing. A year and a half is a long time to be sucking the same dick and not connecting the dots. I’m not saying it’s your fault. If I’m sucking the same dick for 18 months, I would have learned more about him than how young and hairy he is.


Don’t do anything until he approaches you. Make an agreement that you both keep your mouths closed for the sake of the family. And under no circumstances would it be okay to revisit those oral sessions.





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