Read Carefully

In SOULE’s mission to Connect, Educate, and Inspire the Black LGBTQ Community, we are proud to bring you #MoneyMondays, our bi-weekly financial advice video column brought to you by K. Kenneth Davis a.k.a The Trans Capitalist.

Financial education, awareness, and empowerment are essential, but talking about finances is not always an easy thing to do. Add to that the fact that the face of financial advisement is often times cis, straight, and very White, when it comes to financial advice and resources, WE are not always welcomed in those spaces. That changes now.

Dropping pertinent knowledge and bite sized tips that we all can follow, #MoneyMondays is intended to give you the tools you need to make sound decisions with your money. Advice FOR US and BY US.

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Look out for our #MoneyMondays videos bi-weekly, and let us know which money topics you would like to talk about.