How To Use The Law Of Attraction to UNLEASH Your Personal Power

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When you reflect on your life, what do you think about? What do you focus on?

Do your thoughts keep you at a standstill?

Do you find yourself forgetting just how amazing and powerful you are?

We tend to give up our personal power when we FORGET to remember that we are so dam amazing. You might be guilty of that, but you’re NOT alone. You may have forgotten a KEY component. If you’ve forgotten who you really are or why you’re really here, then life can feel a lot more difficult than it really is. And when life feels cray cray, you give up your personal power very easily.

Here’s a reminder: One of the major reasons you are HERE is to remember who you really are, then use all the power inside of you to CREATE the life you really want to live.

You are a spiritual BEING having a temporary human experience. Ever really allowed yourself to wrap your mind around this concept? People “get it”, but most have no idea what it really means. It took me a while to really understand it too, but once I did the entire UNIVERSE made itself available to me on a conscious level and the same can happen for you too. You no longer live small or give up your personal power when you remember this FACT. Then I learned all about The Law of Attraction and that took it to the next level.

You may have sat around questioning “why me?”, “where is my abundance?”, “why can’t I have the relationship I want, the job I want, etc.?”. But guess what? All that energy directed toward asking … stops you from creating. You are a creator and you are filled with PERSONAL POWER.

Let me explain …. as a spiritual being you are filled with EVERYTHING you already need to REMEMBER who you really are. You are questioning instead of accepting and that is part of why everything feels so ‘daunting.’ You are in a state of ‘amnesia’ as it relates to who you really are. And, there goes your personal power right out the window. If you stay on AUTO PILOT, you’ll never feel fully alive.

So how does The Law of Attraction play into all of this? Simply put, this law of the Universe states that YOU are a magnet for good things when you are focused on manifesting good things. Like attracts like. Thoughts create things. YOU are more powerful than you can image, but that’s just it…. you must use YOUR imagination in the process to remember who you are. It is in the surrender that the remembering often begins. You can make a conscious decision right now to take time to silence your mind and all the thoughts that make you feel powerless. Then, CHOOSE thoughts that make you feel powerful. The Law of Attraction will be activated in a different way for you.

The Law of Attraction states that — all that you are seeking is also seeking you. If you don’t really believe that, it won’t show up in your physical reality. It will start to show up when you start to remember who you really are.

Life is not against you.

YOU are here for a reason, with a purpose and you are here to share your gifts and talents with the world. And, the Law of Attraction is part of your secret artillery to unleash all this power inside of you. When faced with the choice of giving up or moving forward, REMEMBER who you really are and that this experience, this moment is exactly as it should be, so take the plunge having faith KNOWING you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Use the Law of Attraction to your benefit and REMEMBER TO NEVER FORGET just how powerful you really are.

I’m also a Certified Law of Attraction Coach so trust that these aren’t just theories I’m sharing, but what I know to be true. If you want more info on how it all works, contact me. I’d LOVE to help YOU activate the power that is already within you. Join me in creating a life you truly desire!


Bless Up,

Coach Kerri


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