How To Get Through The Tough Times When You Feel Like Giving Up!

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 Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Applause!!!!!!  

If you are going through hell, keep going! No matter what seems IMPOSSIBLE today, you are still here, still breathing, still pushing so don’t stop NOW. Keep going! It may feel daunting. You may feel overwhelmed, but it’s NOT over yet.

Please don’t give up.

Please don’t let a bad day, week or month convince you that life is not worth living to the fullest.

If chaos has set in, be still. If confusion has taken over, be still. If doubt has crept in, be still. Be STILL knowing that YOU can turn it around. YOU can!

Remember the last time it felt this way and you made it through? Remember the last time you were down and out and it turned around for you? This time is NO different. Keep the faith. Muster up the hope. And, never give up!

You are not the first person to really go through it and you won’t be the last. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel. You have what it takes, but you might be blocking your own blessings by how you speak to yourself. Turn your frown upside down.

The journey isn’t over and your potential is still being hidden under all that worry.

Start to visualize things turning around and while you’re at it, be extremely GRATEFUL for everything you have now and for everything that is on its way to you.

This is a season of preparation. You are birthing something amazing and it may feel painful now, but wait till you see what happens once this part fades away. You will be amazed! So, hang on…. you ain’t seen nothing yet.        

When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” – Author Unknown

Transformation Tips:

  • Remember who you REALLY are. Don’t sell yourself short. In life there are going to be many people who will try to bring you down and tell you what you want to achieve is not possible. Don’t let anyone destroy your dreams. Remember that you were born to shine. Make a list of past and present accomplishments. Remind yourself of how much you have to offer and how far you have come.
  • Make a gratitude list. Yes, this one comes up OFTEN because it is the key to everything. Make a list of at least 100 things to be grateful for.
  • Smile. Yup, that’s it. Simple. Smile. Let the sunshine IN!


Bless Up,

Coach Kerri


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