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Hit The Snooze Button Because Sleep Equals Healing

If you’re like me, though you probably LOVE naps and a good night’s sleep especially when you get to sleep in, you might also struggle with the thought of, “I don’t want to waste time or miss anything if I’m not totally connected.” It’s normal, but what I learned about sleep about a year ago now makes me want to nap every chance I get.

Rewind back to the beginning of last year, I ended up sleeping away the first few days of the year.

I remember I slept away most of January 1 and January 2nd. On January 3rd, it happened again. I didn’t wake up until 2pm in the afternoon. Say what now?! Am I ok? Why am I sleeping so dam much? Don’t get me wrong! Sleep and I have a wonderful relationship. I LOVE sleep! Give me a good nap any day and I embrace it, literally like I mentioned.

But, this was weird. It’s like no matter what I was telling my body, it just wanted to rest. Sleep seemed to be the ONLY thing on my to-do list. I gave up trying to fight it. I just let myself sleep and wake up whenever my body wanted to wake up.

Then, I had a conversation with one of my spiritual gurus. I shared with her that I have been sleeping A LOT in these first few days of the year and I was confused as to why. Let me tell you how sometimes a message filled with just what you need to hear doesn’t have to be long and drawn out.

She simply said, “you’re sleeping so you can heal” —- OHHHHH! I don’t know why or how, but I immediately GOT IT. Like, it made complete sense. Of course she went on to explain more, but even before she did, it’s like my mind and body high fived because it DID resonate. I was healing. I was sleeping so that I could heal.

Heal from what you might ask?

Well, after coming out of the “Yooooooooo!!!” moment, I had to process. I was indeed healing. And, for my cells to re-calibrate and for me to feel FULL again, I had to rest.

I was going to have to allow my body to heal and recover from what I was leaving behind not just in the previous year, but from life in general. My body was sending me a message. And, the message was simply, “Lay your butt down and just be still.”

When we are sleeping, we are allowing ourselves to heal. When we are wide awake, the body-mind is active, and nerve energy is being used up—it is not available for healing. During sleep, most of our body energy is intelligently channeled toward healing.

I’m not selling you a bridge in Brooklyn I swear.

According to many experts including David Klein, Ph.D., sleep is your fountain of self-healing energy. The more you sleep, the more your vital energy will build up for all of your mind-body functions. Sleep charges your nerve cell “batteries” and fills up your nerve energy “storage tank.” It’s like putting “money in the bank.” When your nerve energy “bank account” is full, you will feel like a million and be enabled to heal as quickly as possible!

So, my message to YOU is simply…sleep when your body tells you to because you are actually HEALING while you are SLEEPING!

Goodnight (LOL)?

Coach Kerri

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