Governmental Erasure 

Current Administration Continues To Cancel Us Out

Government. Court gavel resting on desk

It is always interesting, or in this case a bit cringe worthy, traumatic and deterring to see your identity center staged on the governmental agenda. To see laws repealed and introduced that impact the fabric of your life, as things you took for granted and fought for years ago, be erased and diminished. The current government administration’s, ideologies toward the LGBTQ community has not been latent, but overt with attacks and beliefs that perpetuate hostile environments for queer folks, particularly those folks who are also people of color, immigrants and disabled. Many government agencies have taken away language and resources from their websites that shed light on the discrimination and experiences of trans folks and the entire queer community. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality on November 1st 2019, the Department of Health and Human Services announced it would not enforce, and planned to repeal, regulations prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, and religion in all HHS grant programs. This announcement if followed through will impact programs that address HIV, opioids, and youth homeless epidemics.

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