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Google Is Releasing 50+ New Gender-Inclusive Emojis

Google Is Releasing More Than 50 New Gender-Inclusive Emoji.

In an exclusive, Fast Company reported Tuesday that the new emoji will be neither expressly male nor female, but gender ambiguous. The emoji reportedly underwent many iterations in order to avoid characteristics that could be interpreted as those of a man or a woman, opting instead for fluid hairstyles and style choices.

For example, a swimmer emoji wears what appears to be a body suit rather than a swimsuit or no shirt at all, and a merperson is depicted with crossed arms rather than with a shell bra or no covering at all. A gender-inclusive vampire, meanwhile, is shown with a stylistically ambiguous hairdo and neck ornament. Others include a zombie, a genie, and emoji depicting various athletic activities.

According to visuals of the emoji shared with Gizmodo, the company appears to still be tinkering with specific details of the characters, including changes in hairstyle or clothing.

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