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Glenn Quentin: Healing The World As An Artist



How can a complex person be broken down into a few paragraphs and placed inside an article? Is that all we want from one another?  


Actor, writer, producer Glenn Quentin is offering the world a way to express creation and experience different perspectives with the formation of Higher Vibrations Collective, an artist collective that he has created to change narratives and how we in certain communities experience ourselves.


Quentin states, “Higher Vibrations Collective creates and produces art that speaks to the elevated consciousness. We seek to challenge limiting beliefs about humanity by exploring past narratives, sharing new work, and utilizing the power of education and manifestation to shift and inspire the next generations.”


Quentin also premiered two visual poetry pieces, Dear John and Reflections. Echoing Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, both pieces call us to nourish our earth with love and community. Dear John begs for a response of an assemblage that has the power to move a nation in need of change – change in regards to gender, racial, and equality rights. It reminds us that no matter how far it seems we’ve come that there is more work to be done. I do consider that if everyone was this vulnerable and open how quickly superficiality would become non-existent and we could live in an era of radical forgiveness and love.


That’s what artist are for: to provide that fix of the impeccable flawed human condition and express it to the world simply because  it’s a time when all communities of race, color and gender need love and unity. Quentin has breakdowns just like everyone else and feels most emotions more intensely than others. The aim of his company is to support artists, writers and visionaries’ journeys because it is only through our breakdowns that we have breakthroughs This is what brings creative works to life.


Every writer I’ve met has either gone through an awakening mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically and realized that superficiality isn’t good enough. Writer’s need to edify their souls. Maybe the only way we know how is by being honest – one hundred percent uncomfortably honest with others and ourselves.


We’re on a search to find what lies beyond the likes, hearts, and gifs. We hope other people are on the same journey, while pouring our hearts out. Glenn Quentin is the dreamer who is waking up the heart and soul of the planet, leaving it a better place than he found it.


You can find more information on Glenn Quentin and Higher Vibrations Collective by visiting the Facebook Fan page and on Instagram

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