#FitnessFridays: Want to Bulk Up? Create a Calorie Surplus

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When it comes to putting on size and increasing your strength, creating a calorie surplus should be your main concern. A calorie surplus is taking in more calories than your body burns off in a day. This surplus is the foundation to muscle building. In order to successfully create a calorie surplus, you first have to calculate your optimal macros and calories. 


Just eating in a calorie surplus however doesn’t automatically mean that you’re going to put on lean muscles mass. This is where counting your macronutrients comes you need to find a calorie split that’s effective and ways to be consistent with. 


When we’re talking about building muscle, no macronutrients are more important than protein. Without enough protein, your body won’t be able to build new muscle tissue no matter how many calories you consume, or how many hours you spend in the gym.


Between 20-33% of your total daily calories should be coming from protein, you absolutely need to be taking in enough protein in order to build muscle. Let’s say you’re a 185-pound who exercise for 90 minutes a day. Per the calculator, you’ll need about 2,852 calories a day to maintain your weight. Set your daily protein goal at 1.0 gram of protein per pound of your body weight (not lean body weight). So, you’ll need 185 grams of protein per day. 


You then need to multiply this number by four to determine the number of calories you’ll get by eating this much protein. If you weigh 185 pounds, you’ll need to get 740 calories (185 times 4) every day from protein. 


Dietary fat and carbohydrates also perform a number of important functions within your body. Without enough carbs, it’s very difficult to muster up energy it takes to make it through your workouts. A deficit in fats means that your body may not be able to distribute vitamins and minerals to the cells that need them. 


Carbohydrates should make up the majority (or close to it) of your total daily calories. Somewhere between 45-65% of calories in your daily diet should be coming from carbs. 


Focus on consuming complex carbs and minimize simple sugars in your diet for a steady energy supply rather than quick spikes and crashes. Taking in plenty of complex carbs 3-4 hours before intense physical activity is a tried and true way to make sure you have the energy you need when you need it most. 


To determine how many grams of daily crab you’ll need, start by referring to then following list and selecting how long you train every day. If you train for 90 minutes a day, multiply your body longer or shorter, adjust your carb intake accordingly. 


Contrary to popular belief, you actually need a healthy supply of fat in your diet. Between 20-35% of your total daily calories should be coming from healthy fat sources. To figure out your fat macro, first and together the calories you’ll get from protein and carbs. For example, 740 calories from protein, and 1,112 from carbs for a total of 1,852 calories. 

Now subtract this number from the total daily calories you got from the calculator. For example, 2,852 calories, so subtracting 1,852 calories means you’ll need to get 1000 calories from fats. Referring again to the macronutrient chart, you need to divide this number of calories by 9 to determine the number of grams of fat you’ll eat every day.1,000 calories divided by 9 equals 111 grams of fat per day. 


Everyone’s body is going to react differently to a bulking regime. Some people may be able to pack on impressive amount of muscle mass. Others may find it difficult to see any progress, while there are a number of different variables, knowing how to count your macros is the best strategy to building muscle. 


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