Why Fenty Beauty is a Game Changer

Just in time for New York Fashion Week, Rihanna released her long awaited makeup line Fenty Beauty at Sephora. The highly anticipated release which includes brushes, highlight and contour sticks, and an amazingly on- point spread of 40 different foundation shades, was met by several great reviews. The darker shades of the amazing foundation pallette have sold out in record time, with people of color snatching their perfect match off of the shelves and online. The foundation colors for the very fair to fair skin tones seem to be in no danger of being swept off the shelves in an a frenzy of excitement because let’s face it. The very fair to fair shades have always had the pick of the litter of foundation shades and product options. For Us on the other hand, no such luck.

With Fenty Beauty’s darker shades flying off the shelves as fast as retro Jordans or Jay-Z tickets, many were amazed at just how important the beauty line has proven to be for people of color. On the other side of things, We, The Black (and Brown) Caucus ask with heads tilted and eyes squinted, “How sway?”

How could anyone possibly be surprised by the frenzy and sheer jubilation expressed by folks of color at what many akin to the second coming. Virtually, since the beginning of time, we have struggled to find suitable foundation shades for the variants of complexions created by our beautifully generous melanin supply.

I don’t have to mix my foundations anymore?

Oh glory be to God! (or your spiritual leader of choice).

Fenty Beauty is a game changer. Simple and plain. It will change the way people of color feel when browsing the foundation isle. Hence, changing the way we feel about applying and wearing makeup. No longer will we have to phone a friend for advice. No longer will we have to roll up our sleeves and play Chemist with different bottles of foundation until we have the combinations just so. Why are we turning out in droves for this? Because cosmetic companies have yet to figure out, or maybe just don’t care, that people of color are thirsty for products that relate to us. Products that are truly made with Us in mind, not just a creative way to make lemonade from the same-tone lemons we are always handed.

Thank you Ms. Fenty, Bad Gyal Rhi Rhi, your Navy salutes you. We are all the way here for this.

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