Are You Ready For The Second Coming Of Eden’s Garden?

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Eden’s Garden is back ya’ll!

The viral hit show that took Youtube and our community by storm is back for another go-round with more drama, more stories, and more swag.

We spoke with creator Seven King about his vision for the show, the new pilot and the future of Eden’s Garden.

So It’s been almost two years since the show premiered. What can the audience expect from Eden’s Garden this time around?

I remember the beginning of Eden’s Garden. The show idea came to me literally in a dream. I automatically woke up from my sleep and began writing and developing the series.

“Eden’s Garden.” The name and everything came to me in the dream. I’m into symbology so the name alone has a significant meaning. The episodes previously were more promo concepts to let the concept go viral, sign and seal the brand of Eden’s Garden as an officially scripted web-series under SKE (Seven King Entertainment).

I’m a risk taker, revolutionary, politically unapologetic and fearlessly bold in my approach of vision. Apart of my activism is in entertainment or screenplay writing. The requirement to be a lead cast member for EG:  You had to identify as transgender. I put myself in the forefront to be the example of being OUT, PROUD & unapologetically VISIBLE. When I do something, I don’t tip toe. I go all the way with it.

We still have a long way to go. This season, I’m taking it deeper in the character development, story lines & just creativity for the episodes alone. This season, the requirements to be a part of the series alone are a lot stricter. The main agenda this season is film festival submissions and to have the series picked up by a major network or potential distribution deal.

I will always give to the fans who been loyal to the show, even with being absent for a year in production of Eden’s Garden. If it wasn’t for them the show wouldn’t have gone viral from their intense online support as fast as it did. I will still be presenting an episode for youtube. Right now our first pilot and presentation is on the Youtube channel (Titled: “Forbidden Secrets” 55 min episode) we are in film festivals now. So it’s a restriction on the content we can show while in the festivals. Youtube is not the only focus this season. It was just the starting platform from last season. We garnered over 100,000 views on the channel. So we definitely have a hit! Right now it’s about navigating the series into another door from the first level, two years ago. Today we have also included two trans-female actresses to our cast. Contrary to the first go around. Being focused solely on the trans-male. Unification of the trans-experience more stories! More entertainment! New Levels we have higher aims and new agendas for this show & trust me we will win.

The show garnered a lot of buzz. Why do you think it resonated with so many people?

I believe the human experience is something that energetically everyone can relate too and bond in different forms. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, and background. Storylines that deal with the matters of the heart, life, politics, struggle and overcoming always tie people in which makes it relatable. We all overcame different chapters in our life, which made us who we are today. I believe people are also just curious to the topic.

Because so many people don’t know what it is to be trans, how it feels, the thoughts and the experience. Let alone from a black/latino perspective. The conversation of transgender men is not in the forefront politically, health-wise with statistics and personally in our local communities. So you know entertainment is vague. People respect originality and I vowed to myself to always be true to me and never duplicate or come like the next person has done creatively. That’s why I hardly watch other shows, series or nothing. While in creating mode.

There is a lot of lyricism and poetry in the dialogue. Explain your process for producing the episodes and what you envision as you venture out to execute your vision?

My father is Mr. Ness from the Furious Five. My mother told me I was always a creative writer since I was a child. I just thought she meant an average writer. She said, ‘no! You write differently. Passionate and creative.’

When I experienced life and went through different things. Good and bad. The deeper my words can go. Because it can connect to experiences, emotion and time. I also observe intensely. I can observe someone and duplicate what I see in writing. I like the narratives because it can’t be confused. It’s very potent and direct. The narratives are also like following along the window of Eden as he gives you a glimpse of his mind or experience in his current life and journey with his friends.

A lot of times when doing entertainment that has an LGBTQ focus, there is some educating involved? Can you explain what were some of the educational opportunities you have come across while promoting the show?

I have spoken at a couple colleges since putting out the show. I spoke at a sociology class at Columbia University and taught classes on gender identity vs. sexual orientation. I also have been offered a lot of recommendations for college due to the work I have done independently. I plan on going to school for education to be a teacher as well. I love learning but I’m also good at teaching.

What was the one thing you didn’t expect while making this show?

The different energies you have to filter that come with success. And the new levels of learning to master the higher you go.

What is your take on the way transgender men are depicted in media?

Fetishized and not depicted hardly, especially for my culture dynamic black/Latino.

What are your hopes for your future as a creator?

I hope to be the biggest director ever, I hope to live my career out as an artist to my dying day. I hope to always stay true to my visions and never let money water the art down. I hope that my work lives forever.

Check out Eden’s Garden “Forbidden Secrets” Pilot right here.

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