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A Lesson on Parenting from Dwayne Wade

NBA Star Defends Son Against Trolls

Rear view of father and son holding hands. By digitalskillet1

To raise a child in a world that has preconceived notions about the behaviors, thoughts, mannerisms, likes, and life of your child before they take their first breath is something that has always left me in awe. How can we create a space for our children to dispel these assumptions of who they should be and let them self actualize who they are and want to be. The stigma associated with black fatherhood and their sons is a strong socialized norm, which is why I appreciate fathers like Dwayne Wade. Wade received backlash after posting a family photo where one of his children is wearing a crop top and extended nails. Wade posted on his twitter “as a parent my only goal is that my kids feel that I see them, love them and support them,” and honestly that is what parenting is about. Wades child seems to be surrounded by love and has the autonomy to create themselves in an image that is authentic to them, and I wish more of our queer youth had that experience. 

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