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Do You Know Your Oils?

Oils have a wide range of uses from beauty to household cleaning, and healing. Before you go shopping for yet another moisturizer, cleaning or hygiene product, here is all you need to know about the many ways that you can use some of Soule’s favorite oils to make your life sweeter, simpler, and natural.

BeautyPersonal HygieneCleaningCooking
Tea Tree

Antiviral, anti-inflammatory

Place a drop of Tea Tree Oil onto a q-tip and dab onto cold sores or pimples to reduce the size. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to a small cup of water and gargle to cure painful canker sores.

Apply a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to your underarms for a fresh alternative to harsh deodorant.

A few drops of Tea Tree Oil added to your mop water can help give your floors a lavish shine, kills germs, and is safer to use around children and pets than chemical cleaners.None.

Sedative, antibacterial, antidepressive

Get your beauty rest by adding a drop of Lavender oil to your pillow. Inhaling the oil is a sleep aide.

Rub a drop of Lavender Oil to relieve chapped or sunburned lips.  

Apply a drop of Lavender Oil to the inside of your wrists, back of the neck, and behind ears and legs to repel bugs and avoid bug bites.Add 12- 15 drops of Lavender Oil to your favorite laundry detergent, mix well, and add to your normal wash to help lift grease and dirt stains.Add Lavender Oil to your water or tea to enhance the flavor and your mood.

Antifungal, anti virus

Coconut oil is a master moisturizer. Rub on your skin, or use it to achieve a beautiful twist out for natural hair.Coconut Oil can reduce plaque and fight Gum disease. Swish around a tablespoon of Coconut Oil in your mouth for 15-20 mins before brushing your teeth. For best results, do this in the morning before eating or drinking.Combine Coconut Oil, distilled vinegar, and lemon juice to a spray bottle for a natural, and light smelling furniture polish. Use Coconut Oil to substitute butter or margarine when cooking and baking for easier digestion.

Antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral

Use Peppermint Oil to help ease a headache. Add a drop or two to the insides of your wrists, rub together, and lightly dab onto your  temples.

Inhaling diffused Peppermint Oil can unclog sinuses

Add 2 drops of Peppermint Oil to your toothpaste when brushing teeth or place 1 drop onto your tongue. Have a pest problem, combine water, and Peppermint Oil in a spray bottle and spray in corners and around baseboards to safely repel bugs.Use ¼ tsp (about 3 drops)  of Peppermint Oil to cookie batter to make mint, chocolate chip cookies.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this is not medical advice and you should always use caution and consult your physician’s opinion when ingesting any type of oil.

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