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So You Say You Want Change?

Black QTAI + folks (and this distinction is intended) are already living in the future and the rest of ya’ll are LATE. Very late. We move through the World every day with our best interests in mind. We shop with the financial stability of our community at the forefront. We support our people and create our own communities. 

My people and I are cautious and concerned about our futures, our elders and our children. 


To be clear, I am not saying the rest of the world isn’t, I just can’t tell. 


November is here and I have seen Black celebrities, friends, family, and strangers on the internet, telling Black people what they need to do to be liberated.

Directing us on how we need to honor our ancestors or how much of a disappointment we were if we didn’t go vote or support Black candidates.

It’s extremely exhausting, ineffective and absolutely out-of-pocket. 



Black Queer folks have undoubtedly, been the pinnacle of positive progression. On the frontlines of social justice battlefields, every decade, every time. We have been flinging our bodies in front of cis Black Womxn and Men, attempting to protect them from the violent blows of White Supremacy, hoping that if we could be of any help to them, it would, in turn, be helpful to us. However, I can’t help but think, this is this all in vain.



The audacity that one has to have, to feel comfortable and emboldened enough to tell Black QTAI+ folks what we should do to “help” or “save” this Country, nevertheless, the entire world. We are sick and tired of actively saving the world while everyone stands idly by their own muddy footprint, arms crossed, a furrowed brow, judging us for not working with the system, “You missed a spot.”



It seems as though, society wants Black folks and LGBTQAI+ folks to use the very system that oppresses us, to gain liberation. I am no scholar but, this political request seems quite counterproductive. Imagine for a moment, that there is snow outside and the snow is the system. We come in the house and complain that when we try to leave, the snow is piled high and our socks keep getting wet. You offer us a new pair of shoes, nothing protective at all, maybe some low-top Vans. That does not fix anything, we try to leave the house and our feet get wet again! What must we do? Put some real snow boots on? Our feet may still get wet but, at least we are better protected from the weather.


However, that does not solve the problem.


When considering my freedom and its future, equality is not important to me. I want liberation.


We MUST SHOVEL THE SNOW and apply salt to keep it from sticking. Completely removing it from the property. We would be able to leave the house, with no snow on our feet.



THIS is where the revolution begins! We no longer have to “walk” through the oppression (snow), when we do not have to worry about the impact. The word “harm-reduction” has been getting tossed around recently. And as necessary as it is to reduce the harm you cause in the world, I think there is a problem when harm-reduction (new shoes), is the last step. We must do more! We CAN do more! The question is, how much more do you really want to do?



When considering my freedom and its future, equality is not important to me. I want liberation. I want these systems abolished. I want to support my community; I want our children to see reflections of themselves sprinkled throughout the world. Fuck harm reduction, we should want no harm being done. We have more power than we think we do but, first we must ask ourselves if we are willing to access it and secondly, are we going to work outside of the system to get it.



On Twitter, the Great @FeministaJones inquired:

I’m still trying to figure out if y’all want to dismantle the system, uphold the system, or just make sure Black Folk are agents of the system to make oppression more palatable.”


Let’s be honest. Do you truly want change? Or do you want to put some Vans on to brave this snow storm? Many people in this world are victims of capitalism, colonialism, and systemic oppression, but also benefit from it. It is a hard pill to swallow but a necessary one nonetheless.


While you all figure out which Politician is the LEAST evil one to support or which harmful non-profit you want to donate to without doing any research, Black QTAI+ folks will be here shoveling the snow.



It looks like it’s going to be a long winter.

What do you think?

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