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Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Diagnosed With Cancer

When America thinks of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), we rightfully think of his role in the movement for civil rights for Black Americans. He was brutally beaten and nearly lost his life on Bloody Sunday on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. He was jailed and endured much for the cause of freedom. However, there was another side to Rep. Lewis’s activism: He was a champion of LGBTQ rights before it was popular.

In 1996, Rep. Lewis gave  a fiery speech as he once again fights not for what is safe or politically expedient, but for what is right.

Rep John Lewis, always a Champion for Civil Rights for All

Rep. John Lewis has spent his entire life fighting for what is right, and he is not about to stop now. But it is also now time for us to get behind him as he enters the battle of his life, with a newly announced diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Godspeed and a speedy recovery, Rep. Lewis, and thank you for all you have done.

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