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Love Walter: What Sex Got to Do With It?

Hello Walter,   Do you feel sex is the way to communicate with your lover or spouse?   —Single and

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The God In Me Sees the God In You We Don't Need The Approval of The Pope, Never Did

Let’s be honest, a LOT of people in the LGBTQ community have a “complicated” relationship with organized religion. A lot

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Hit The Snooze Button Because Sleep Equals Healing

If you’re like me, though you probably LOVE naps and a good night’s sleep especially when you get to sleep

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Is The New Black Renaissance Upon Us?

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work.” This powerful quote, from the one and only Toni Morrison,

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Do You Have Weeds In Your Garden?

Mother Nature has always been a great teacher. Since the beginning of time, many Ancient cultures, scientists, and astrologists have

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Why The Coming Months Are Crucial For LGBTQ Rights

No doubt, your stomach’s turning after hearing today’s news: Trump has banned transgender men and women from serving in the


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