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Trans Track and Field Athletes Face Petitions Because of Gender Identity

Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood are local track and field superstars.  They took first and second place, respectively, in last

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The God In Me Sees the God In You We Don't Need The Approval of The Pope, Never Did

Let’s be honest, a LOT of people in the LGBTQ community have a “complicated” relationship with organized religion. A lot


The Last 30 Days Haven’t Been Kind to LGBTQ Rights Your update on LGBTQ rights and the laws that affect us

This month, we celebrate LGBTQ Pride and acknowledge the progress we’ve made.  But there are still several reminders of the

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SOULE’s Salute To Our Black Queer Troops The Legacy of Major Alan G. Rogers

  When the Founding Colonizers established the United States Military in 1789, it was a time of patriotism like no

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‘Rafiki’ Afro Bubble Gum Art

From May 8-19, the Cannes Film Festival will preview films from talented creators across the globe. Authors Jill Forbes and

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Where is Cannabis Culture Headed? NCF Founder Caroline Phillips Has Some Ideas 

It’s been five days since I attended the 3rd annual National Cannabis Festival (NCF) held in Washington, D.C., and I’m

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