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5 Common Mistakes Fucking up your chances at love on Tinder

Have you seen The one pop-up in your Tinder queue and you hope your next swipe right results in more than disappointment? You're

Love | Sex

How To Date A Dominatrix

In college, my best friend dated an escort. Because my friend is one of the most jealous people I’ve ever

Love | Sex

Does Size Matter? Dating in Big City vs. Dating Small City

One of the reasons people gravitate to big cities like New York is because they feel their dating prospects will

Culture, Love | Sex

So…You’re Scared To Date A Bisexual

As a bisexual, I’ve endured the conversation so many times that I know it by heart. It always starts the

Inspiration, Love | Sex

Readers, Samantha and Yeshi, Share With Us Their Special Day!

How They Met Samantha and Yeshi met through respective close friends who were in a relationship themselves. Love at first

Love | Sex

[Love & Sex] When ‘Trade’ Keeps You Single

It's funny. I've actually never thought I was easily influenced by TV shows, commercials, print ads, and music videos until


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