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40 Of The Most Unforgettable Travel Quotes

How many quotes have you read, and you were like damn that's my life?     These travel quotes triggered

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Think It’s Too Late To Pursue Your Travel Goals? Think Again

Am I too old to travel?     What if I want to move abroad at 50?     Is

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“New Year. Who Dis? Leave your negative mindset in 2017!”

When was the last time you felt sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?      When was the last

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No Longer A Lost Boy: David J. Cork and the Power of Manhood

My formative years is a story of people choosing to leave me, including my parents each utilizing their own method

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These 3 Organizations Are Changing the Narrative About Black, Gay Men

Sometimes, it feels as if Black, gay men are stuck in an invisible corner.  We’re the supporting characters on your

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Are you really WOKE or is it a bunch of B.S.?

Praying, meditating, carrying crystals, wearing Indian garb, regurgitating what you’ve learned or saw others do. Pulling goddess cards, walking through

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