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Featured, Politics

Get in the Game for Midterms 2018 Our Present and Future Depends on It

Politics and governing are about relationships and access to power. And in democracies, political change often moves slowly, incrementally. Considering

Featured, News, Politics, Pride

SOULE’s Salute To Our Black Queer Troops The Legacy of Major Alan G. Rogers

  When the Founding Colonizers established the United States Military in 1789, it was a time of patriotism like no

Culture, Featured, News, Politics

Dream. Invent. Think. Organize. What One Woman is Doing to Fight Food Insecurity in Philly

This Women's Month, we have taken a look at the lives, works, and triumphs of remarkable women of color who

Featured, News

Black Lesbian Bodies are the Media’s Forgotten Stories

2017 was a trying year for everyone, it seemed as though there were more ups and downs packed into 365

Featured, Movies | Television

Could Netflix Be America’s Gayest Network?

Have you found yourself getting hot and bothered during Lito and Hernando’s steamy love scenes on Sense8? Or found yourself

Culture, Featured, Love | Sex, Movies | Television, News, Politics

Did ‘Dear White People’ Get the The Black Queer Experience Right?

When Netflix started promoting the debut of “Dear White People,” the series. I was really like, meh. Don’t get me


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