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Culture, Pride

Before The Petals Fall The Rediscovery of My Softer Self

Everyday, I am exploring myself and creating opportunities that shape my life and how I view the world around it.

Culture, Pride

The Fairtytale of a Gender Non-Conforming Dyke Deconditioning Identity, and Claiming A Space Within It

The word identity does not reach my ear without bringing its baggage. It nestles in for a long trip behind

Culture, Pride

My Gay Pride is Also Black

Years ago, I was invited to attend Atlanta Pride by some white ladies I worked with in Columbus, Georgia. It

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SOULE’s Salute To Our Black Queer Troops The Legacy of Major Alan G. Rogers

  When the Founding Colonizers established the United States Military in 1789, it was a time of patriotism like no

Culture, Pride

The Subconscious “Skill” of Code Switching

Being Black and queer, you subconsciously amass an arsenal of weapons to combat your daily life.   It’s time we

Culture, Pride


Biologically, a mother is the woman who contributes half of her DNA to the creation of a person, and the

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