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Biologically, a mother is the woman who contributes half of her DNA to the creation of a person, and the

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AzMarie Disrupts The Industry Through Non-Conformity

The modeling industry is brutal.     It’s an industry that nitpicks, prods, and probes you. It’s no secret that

Culture, Pride

Staceyann Chin: The Truth Will Be Told By Any Means Necessary

Staceyann Chin’s poetry erupts the revolution and disrupts the literary world.     In fact, if you read or listen

Culture, Pride

Unity Fellowship Christ Church Makes Faith Safe for QPOC

Queer Black history is still Black History.   Despite the many narratives and agendas that would like to separate the two,

Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Essex Hemphill

Essex Hemphill a Chicago native, born in 1957. Is a very recent example of Black Queer History, and an often

Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Musical Genius

Me’Shell Ndegeocello is art dripping on a mic. She’s like a smooth shot of bourbon, neat no mixer. Her music


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