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Culture, Pride

Unity Fellowship Christ Church Makes Faith Safe for QPOC

Queer Black history is still Black History.   Despite the many narratives and agendas that would like to separate the two,

Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Essex Hemphill

Essex Hemphill a Chicago native, born in 1957. Is a very recent example of Black Queer History, and an often

Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Musical Genius

Me’Shell Ndegeocello is art dripping on a mic. She’s like a smooth shot of bourbon, neat no mixer. Her music

Culture, Pride

LGBT Black History Spotlight: Andre Leon Talley

Who knew in the fall of 1949 one of the most iconic style influencers of the century would be born

Beauty, Culture, Pride

Gay Men & Aging: The Men Over 50 Project Rejects Youth Culture 

Youth is a powerful currency in the gay community.  A popular stereotype of LGBTQ men is that we’re body-obsessed; slaves

Culture, Pride

Reflections of Queer Parenting

I work in a profession where I continuously meet people who make decisions that affect their children without taking their


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