Can You Really Speak Things Into Existence With Just Your Words?

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Words are powerful, so watch what you say. You give power to events and experiences coming into existence with how you speak about your current situation, your life. What you speak about you bring about.

It is possible to speak things into existence both negatively and positively. We tend to forget how powerful our words are.

Hence, when people say think before you speak or you’ll regret it. It’s true.

So many people seek others out simply to be able to complain or to be negative. They call it ‘venting’, I call it perpetual complaining. Now, that’s not to say you aren’t allowed to vent…. of course, you are. You are an EMOTIONAL being and you feel things and you go through things. HOWEVER, if you notice that most of your conversations ONLY consist of ‘venting’, you’re treading a fine line. The MORE you speak about something, the more you are indicating that you WANT it in your life.

So, how does that affect how you speak daily? Well, simply be aware. Be conscious of what you are saying. If you find that you choose to complain more than you choose to be positive, check yourself! If you find that you are perpetually pessimistic, check yourself! If you find that you are always talking about how hard life is, check yourself! If you find that you always think and speak of the worst things happening, check yourself!

Words are so powerful…. use them wisely. If you want to manifest amazing things in your life, speak about your life in an amazing way. If you want to bring about change in your life, speak about change in a positive way. If you want a healthy relationship, speak about how amazing that experience will be. You get the gist.

Watch your words. It is absolutely possible to bring about what you speak about. You are the author of the story of your life. You write that story with your words and thoughts and your actions. You can change that story by changing your words and your thoughts moment by moment. If this sounds unbelievable to you, take a moment to backtrack a little…….and think of the times when you spoke about something negative to anyone who would listen…. what ended up happening in your life? Did your situation improve? stay the same? get worse? Now, think about when you perhaps had a different perspective or better yet, when you SPOKE of a situation or experience in your life in a positive way instead, EXPECTING a positive and favorable result……what ended up happening in your life? At the very least, I bet you FELT better because you weren’t being negative.

Being positive may take practice if you are used to ‘crying a river’ all the time, but it’s not impossible. If you want better for yourself, start speaking better TO and ABOUT yourself. Speak positive things into your life. What you speak about you bring about.


Bless Up,

Coach Kerri


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