‘Breeding’ Movie Mixes Race Relations With Erotica

The Breeding movie flyer
The Breeding, 2018

No topic is off limits with The Breeding, Directed by Daniel Armando, this film is one electrifying exhibition of “What if” as it exquisitely observes the true meaning of “intersectionality”.

“The Breeding” is an experimental emotional drama following one man’s struggle with discovering a new kink, which turns out to have a deep political and psychological impact. A collection of chapters with titles such as “you have been a very bad boy” and “A Day in the Life”  all map out a story that is heart-tugging, thought provoking, and all around taboo. “The Breeding” is the pinnacle of Black art today, seamlessly weaving together the struggles of sexuality, racism, classism, and knowledge of self. With a very straightforward yet multidimensional plot, “The Breeding” exhibits themes such as curiosity, love, sex, internal conflict, and even revenge. Complete with intimate camera angles, tight shots that usually include only one or two people in the frame, and intense uses of color and lighting; this film offers a visual narrative which compliments the story as both erotic and thrilling. What seems to be a “day in life” narrative is truly a melodramatic rollercoaster, reflecting the woes that we experience on a day to day basis. 

The Breeding film still
The Breeding, 2018

We meet Thomas, played by Marcus Bellamy, who is a full time artist living in New York City with his boyfriend. He specializes in erotic doodles and seems to be successful on the art scene, which is juxtaposed with his sexual obsessions and desires to try something new. He is reluctant but still falls into a whirlwind of exploring the kink of “raceplay” and succumbs to being dominated by a white man, just to try it out. His curiosity battles his doubts, and ultimately leads to him to a dangerous situation. The use of subplot in this film introduces a character who is also an artist and colleague of Thomas’, a white man who loves to have sex with Black men, and this helps balance out the spectrum on which the fetishization of Black bodies exists. Each sexual encounter represents the various facets and nuances that come with queerness, kink, sexuality; how it all relates to race and other parts of identity, and how they intersect. Through conversations with his boyfriend and moments when he is surfing the web, it is made clear that a recent police killing of an unarmed Black man has occurred, creating underlying tension throughout the film that no viewer can ignore. 


This significantly eccentric film is a must watch, and not only for those of the QTPOC community. “The Breeding” uses mystery, suspense, sex, drama, and race to tell one crazy experience in a way that leaves a long-lasting impression. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer here.


‘The Breeding” is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Breeding movie flyer
The Breeding, 2018

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