Black Queer Millennial Creatives: Mikey Mason

For Week #9 of our Faces of the Future, we present Mikey Mason, a budding screenwriter and journalist who enjoys exploring the intersection of sexuality and ethnic roots in his work.

Name: Michael Mason
Age: 19
Ethnic Origins: African American
Sexual Identity: Gay
Art Medium: Screenwriting, Journalism
References: Geeks of Color
Social Media Handle: @mikey_talks (Twitter)
Contact Email: [email protected]
***Creator of the #BlackGaySlay hashtag on Twitter! (The tag returns Friday, October 6th.)

SOULE: How do you feel your work best illustrates your ethnic and queer identity?

Mike Mason: I try my best to always write about stuff that features black and queer characters. I recently did two projects that involved black gay couples. It’s mainly to show love to the community because that’s MY community. Not only do I feel indebted to them, but I also would have loved to see representation in that way growing up.

What do you want to say to the rest of the world?

Nobody should be defined by any one trait. So if that’s your gender, your race, your sexuality, that shouldn’t be the determining factor for how people treat you. Your work, and your credibility should speak for itself.

What has been your favorite project thus far?

A screenplay I undertook quite some time ago. It’s called MADHOUSE. It’s based during the Civil War, on a couple, two gay black men, one a magician, the other, his assistant. I liked it so much because it had many messages people could glean from it. That and my work with Geeks of Color has been what I consider to be my best work; those are times that represent the height of my creativity. I’m excited to see what’s in store for me in the future.

If you could work with ANYONE, celebrity, past public figures, etc., who would it be?

James Baldwin, from the past. I thought his messages about diversity and representation were so timely and still relevant today. Present day, Beyonce of course!

Tell me more about your work with Geeks of Color. 

As a writer for Geeks of Color, I typically tend to write stories about issues among the nerd culture for people of color and how certain issues within the community disproportionately affect us.

What current projects are you working on? 

At the moment, I’m working on a romance screenplay that focuses around two Black queer people who make the decision to go back to their roots, on a journey through history, after becoming famous.

As an emerging screenwriter, what is a movie idea you’d love to pitch? Be detailed! 

A film I would love to write is a buddy comedy starring two real-life openly Queer POC actors/actresses that focuses on the issues in the Queer community. Real situations, real cities, real conversations, all with witty repartee interwoven within to create a sophisticated yet down-to-earth movie.

Author’s Note: Between his work with Geeks of Color and his independent projects, Mikey displays a vast knowledge of the various complexities that occur within the intersections of sex, gender, and ethnicity. His passion and desire for equality and equity is seen in his work and also in his social media as he strives to pull people together through social justice activism.



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