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Walter Reed

Walter Reed is writer and advice columnist on love, lust, and life. Romance is his day job. Read more at Follow him on Twitter @ LoveWalterHQ

Love Walter:  Hopeless, Lost and Seduced in New York City

Dear Walter,   Have you ever felt lonely? Winter is near and it feels like my darkest hour. Have you

Love Walter:  Romance Is My Day Job

Dear Walter,   How did you find love? And what makes you an expert?   -Still Single Dear Still Single,

Love Walter:  I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In

Dear Walter,   As a gay man I never thought I would make it past 30. And with my 30th

Love Walter:  Not Myself After Midnight

Dear Walter,   I have been going out lately alone, even though I’m in a committed relationship. My boyfriend is

Love Walter:  Would You Date a Trump Supporter?

Dear Walter,   With the country fresh off of midterm elections, would you consider dating or hooking up with a

Love Walter:  Fast Love and the Fall of Romance

Dear Walter,   I find the dating scene to be awkward. As a fellow gay man, it seems like the


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