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Terran Pierola

TERRAN PIEROLA (pronouns they/them) is a genderfluid, mixed race, queer boi. Working for such projects as Boi Society, SOULE, EROC, & QGCon, their experience focuses on creating supportive and educational resources for gender non-conforming, trans, and queer folks, and queer fashion & film. They graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English, and currently live in Los Angeles. Twitter: @yourboinextdoor Instagram: @yourboinextdoor_

10 Questions With Star Choreographer Matthew Pasterisa

Matthew Pasterisa is a Black, Cuban dancer and choreographer living the dreams of thousands due simply to his immense talent

Meet Dr. Jon Paul Higgins: QPOC Activist On The Rise

Dr. Jon Paul Higgins is taking the world by storm and we. are. here. for it. A fresh face with

‘Raising Eli’ Star Chris June Can Do It All – Are You Ready?

This week, SOULE interviewed actor, Chris June, star of the hit web series, Raising Eli. Raising Eli is an LGBT

DBGM Founder Antoine Craigwell Helps Us Tackle Our Depression

This past weekend, SOULE spoke with activist, journalist, and DBGM founder of, Antoine Craigwell. DBGM is a non-profit organization dedicated

Are Bigots The Real Victims In The Battle For Marriage Equality?

Oh, the Str8s™… What have they done now?... Well, you know, just Str8s bein’ Str8s. A video was released by

Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Celebrating The 4th Of July This Year

4th of July weekend is upon us, so have you decided what you’re doing yet? Are you ready to break

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