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Monique Gamble

Dr. Monique A. Gamble is a Professor, photographer, and writer. Her academic specialties include American Government, International Relations, and Black Politics. Dr. Gamble’s photography was recently featured in the 2017 “Songs of My People: 25 Years Later” art exhibit. Currently, she is teaching courses on Black Politics and American Government in Washington, DC. Follow her on Instagram: @crownixxvi and Twitter: @thomasinacrown

My Gay Pride is Also Black

Years ago, I was invited to attend Atlanta Pride by some white ladies I worked with in Columbus, Georgia. It

‘Rafiki’ Afro Bubble Gum Art

From May 8-19, the Cannes Film Festival will preview films from talented creators across the globe. Authors Jill Forbes and

Where is Cannabis Culture Headed? NCF Founder Caroline Phillips Has Some Ideas 

It’s been five days since I attended the 3rd annual National Cannabis Festival (NCF) held in Washington, D.C., and I’m


Biologically, a mother is the woman who contributes half of her DNA to the creation of a person, and the

Lady Day, Legend

Billie Holiday is known today as a jazz legend, and cultural icon. In the 1930's and 1940's, she had a

Authenticity in Lesbian Representation,”The Wire”

HBO’s The Wire was a pioneer in showing diverse Black queer women on television. In characters like “Detective Shakima “Kima”

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